2016ACRE: 22nd ACRE & 11th EDU ACRE

this page contains links to the various photo albums of photos I took during both conferences at Klein Kariba plus my ppt presentations and other notes

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Here are PDF files of each of my PPT presentations from 2016 ACRE



22nd ACRE

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Storytelling a Creative Thinking Tool – Wed & Thurs (no ppt when done on lawn)

I chose not to use any ppt presentations during either of the Storytelling NITE FLITES, inside or out.

Every culture in the history of the world have had their stories and styles of storytelling.  Every generation creates their own.  My encouragement is that you explore the stories of yours: culture and generation and learn them and learn your way of telling them from myth to reality, from fantasy to non-fiction.  From true fact to pure story.

On Wednesday & I believe Thursday I opened with a favorite story of mine about
two friends TRUTH & STORY.  It is an ancient Jewish or Yiddish story that I heard and learned over 30 years ago.  Here is a website with one version of the story.  There are many.

I became fully involved with Stories & Storytelling in 1984 when my late, beautiful wife and I traveled by car several hundred miles to Jonesborough, Tennessee to the site of NAPPS – National Association for the Preservation and Perpetuation of Storytelling now call NSN – Nationals Storytelling Network.  We traveled there to attend two, back to back storytelling workshops/trainings: one about legends and one by Syd Lieberman a master storyteller and teacher of high school English from Chicago who we would hear many more times at festivals throughout the Southeastern part of the US.

I encourage you to visit the following pages on my website devoted to Stories and Storytelling located on my website.  I also encourage you to Google for stories or storytelling and your zip code, country, city and explore to your heart’s and soul’s content.

Storytelling: Art, Science, Tool…..structures, types, approaches


SOS – Storytellers

Alan’s Rabbit Box Stories

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