12 Cornerstones of Productive Leading

12 Cornerstones of Productive Leading 

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From 1980 to 2010 I taught hundreds of workshops, gave hundreds more breakout/concurrent sessions, keynote speeches and taught my university course on Leading in Today’s Workplaces and facilitate hundreds of Community Leadership Retreats…


One of the key points I learned through all these and reading is that there are LEARNABLE TRAITS that all of us can learned to varying degrees of skill that will help us be Productive Leaders.


I collected lists of such traits from several hundred groups over the years and from the hundreds of books about leadership that I have read.


One study I did was based upon reviewing 100 best selling books about leading, leaders or leadership.  I collected all the traits mentioned in the books.  When I did a review of which were the top traits I discovered in these various ways I found what I labeled the 12 CORNERSTONES OF PRODUCTIVE LEADING.


Are they the ONLY 12?  NO


Does every leader need them at all times?  NO


Do they serve as a good structure of foundation to develop skills as a Productive Leader?


I believe they do.


Here are the 12.


They are not in any specific order other than the 11th and 12th are the foundation that support all the others.



1. Commitment

2. Control

3. Consistency

4. Challenge(s)

5. Competence

6. Centered (focused)

7. Confidence

8. Compromise

9. Creativity

10. Caring

11. Communication

12. Credibility