Do you know what your Learning Style might be?

M.I.N.D. Design 4 PrimaryLearning styles

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Meditative – Logical

Intuitive – Exploratory

Negotiative – Personal/Team

Directive – Systematic

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The   M.I.N.D. Design    Teaching / Learning Model – Discover your general learning style.

Do you want to vastly increase your learning?

“Learning to Learn”

This page has been created to help you increase
the effectiveness and efficiency (productiveness) of your learning
to help you become more successful in your job and as a leader.

“Each Teacher has their own style(s) of teaching.
Each Learner has their own style(s) of learning.
Productive learning occurs when they are matched.

you can learn to learn more every day.”

Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP

Files for you to download.

Audio Interview
download this 15+ minute interview to learn more about your learning style(s).
Audio tape of interview by Terry Brock, CSP of me, Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP done August 16th.

Free Reports/Pamphlets
all of these reports are yours free for the downloading and sharing

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Number One
Learning Pyramid™ – What helps us to remember what we learn
Using the “Learning Pyramid™” from the National Institute of Learning
you can discover which learning strategies will be more valuable for you.

Number Two
Note taking techniques from Mind Mapping™
to BrainMapping™ to Visual Notetaking

*Learning to add visual elements to your note taking,
*Learning how to add dramatics, color, design: lines, shapes, cartoons,
symbols, sketches to your note taking,
*Learning techniques of rational, intuitive, systematic, emotional notetaking
can all increase your learning and your growth wealth of knowledge.

Number Three
52 Tips for Systematically improving and enriching
your Learning Skills and Techniques
Here are 52 specific immediately doable tips for increasing your learning
and making it far more productive.

Number Four
What causes learning to fail, based upon the
M.I.N.D Design™ Learning and Teaching Model™?
Mis-matching teaching/training styles with learning styles immediately causes problems.  Not providing information, lessons, experiences, experiments, explorations in a mix manner of teaching/training styles lowers attention and greatly decreases retention.

Number Five

Model “Q” for Teaching/Training/Learning and Leading

Model “Q” teaching model ppt file

Model Q teaching model.ppt

Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP

Creative Thinking Consultant, Creative Problem Solver, Idea Generator, Creativity speaker and consultan