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Child of SCAMPER-ing

Creativity Challenge 29

I just opened up my closet library and grabbed the first item on creativity I found...Michael Michalko's THINKPAK

Micheal's THINKPAK is based on Bob Eberle's adaptation of Alex Osborn's Checklisting technique for generating ideas through changing perspectives or viewpoints. Bob Eberle chose 7 idea speakers and created the acronym S.C.A.M.P.E.R.

  • S Substitute
  • C Combine
  • A Adapt
  • M Minify or Magnify
  • P Put to Other Uses
  • E Eliminate
  • R Reverse

I have chosen REVERSE for this week's challenge.

From Michael's Card #43 REVERSE

Reversing your perspective opens your mind and lets you see things you'd normally miss. Ask "What is the opposite of this?" to find a new way of looking at things. Creative geniuses throughout history have gotten their most original ideas by reversing aspects fo their subjects.

Henry Ford changed modern history with this way of thinking. "I discovered nothing new. I simply figured out how to assemble a car faster and better than anyone else." Instead of brining the people to the work, the assembly line, brought the work to the people."

Your challenge, if you accept and try it, is...

Instead of the marketer always having to go the potential client how might a marketer cause the "marketee" (the potential client) come to them.

Reversing the stand processes of writing letters, advertising, sales calls, demo tapes, phone calls. How might a marketer cause or assist their marketees into contacting them?P>

Have fun. Stretch for 6 to 12 reversals and ideas.


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