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Storytelling Event in Athens, Georgia

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speaker2trainer part II or II


Hello and Welcome to my CRE8NG website.

My name is Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP.

I prefer to be called Alan, while I use my full name in print for a variety of personal and professional reasons.

Professionally I work as an international creative workplace consultant giving speeches, workshops, presentations, teaching university courese (both in person and online) and doing training programs for clients and at conferences in the US and in many countries around the world.

To learn more about my bio and background go to…

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This website has been created to serve 3 purposes:
1. market/promote my professional work

2. share growing knowledge of creativity, creative thinking and creative in individuals, teams, groups, departments, and throughout entire organizations or companies.

3. share photos and journal messages about my traveling around the world

I hope you find many to all pages of value to you.



All of my presentations: keynote speeches, breakout sessions, 1/2 day to full day to multiple day workshops, training programs are all designed specifically for the clients and audiences to accomplish the planned goals of each of them

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Basic Programs –

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MY TOPICS are focused on the development of creative skills in

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

Productive Leading

Successful Teaming

Effective Communicating:

Verbal, Visual, Written (one on one to large groups of people)

PDF of Alan’s work and background

My professional work is focused on helping people like you, your staff, your family use and develop abilities and skills of being more creative as a leader, communicator, team member and creative thinker and problem solver at work, in school, or in life in general. Visit the many pages of this website to learn how I can help you increase your abilities and skills of being more creative, think more creatively, live more creatively and solve problems more creatively in your workplace, your classroom , and in your life in general.


Results from my programs:

1) increased skills as leaders, communicators, team members and leaders, creative thinkers and problem solvers, 2) improved morale, 3) expanded productivity, 4) greater respect throughout teams, departments and organizations.

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Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP

Creative Workplace Consultant who Speaks

Living Creatively and Being Creative Daily to Help Others Become Creative
Consultant – Speaker – Trainer – Author




















Looking for more creative ideas and want to improve the creative thinking in your organizations to produce more innovative solutions?

Need to improve your skills of Leading, Communicating or Teaming?

Then I can help you individually or with a team created just for you and your organization.

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Results for clients in the past 30 years

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1.  Increased number of ideas, improved productivity and commitment to jobs and work in general

2.  more creative solutions

3.  more problems solved

4.  stronger leaders from supervisor to President

5.  stronger morale, lower absenteeism, higher degrees of involvement and greater commitment to teams, departments, companies and organizations.

6.  greater, more effective communication: verbal, visual, non-verbal; much less daily mis-communication

7.  increased teamwork and team leadership

8. greater overall creativity among all the employees involved.

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My Areas of Expertise (link)

Creative Thinking, Speaking, Training, Consulting, Facilitating

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Photographic Promo Sheet

Keynote Workshop Training Programs titles, descriptions, outlines: see sample sheet at bottom of this sheet.

2001 Global Creativity Tour

BROKEN CRAYONS program in Singapore, November 9-10, 2010 brochure pdf

I am an International Creative Workplace Consultant who helps clients through keynote speeches, 90 minute sessions, 1/2 day to full-day workshops, 2 to 5 day workshops or training programs, one-on-one training, coaching and consulting, each based upon the client’s needs.

For 25+ years I have been helping supervisors, managers, leaders, teams, departments and entire organizations improve their knowledge and skills of…

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

Productive Leading

Effective Communicating: Verbal, Visual, Written (one on one to large groups of people)

Successful Teaming

To review programs, background information click here.

Alan’s One Sheet

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General Promotional Page

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Sample Articles

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Developing Cre8ng Communities Lessons on how to S.P.R.E.A.D. creative thinking throughout your entire organization from your front or rear doors to your top floor.

Create with Alan Lessons, tips, suggestions, tools for re-awakening, enhancing, expanding your creative thinking skills and develop your creativeness.

Alan is writing a variety of articles, chapters from current book projects

Alans Cre8ng Challenges 01 sample of Alan’s 15 years of creating exercises for helping people develop their creative thinking skills, traits and their natural creativeness.

Alans Cre8ng Challenges 02 more of Alan’s 15 years of creating exercises for helping people develop their creative thinking skills, traits and their natural creativeness.

Alans Travel Lessons for Life articles and chapters that share lessons learned from 60 years of traveling in 49 states and 77 countries so far.

To read many testimonials from my programs and presentations click on

Testimonials – sample testimonials from clients and participants by client category

Recommendations (LinkedIn)

LinkedIn Profile

Facebook – Wandering Alan’s Facebook Profile/Page

Alan’s Cartoons – some samples from the past 30+ years

Keynotes, Breakout Sessions and Workshops (click two times to enlarge image much larger)

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