My Tree House of Books

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My “tree house” of stuff, photos, memories & creativity


My house is filled with personal & professional collectibles of various types: photos, books, cds, video tapes, audio tapes, toys, etc.

Here are two short video tours of my house.


My 1/2 acre of woods / forest in a neighborhood at the edge of Athens, Georgia!i=787335188&k=8JFPG6v

Video of my Little Walden Pond, Sans Pond (rear portion)

Video of my Little Forest, front portion of Walden Pond, Sans Pond



UPSTAIRS – Office and Library





one wall in my Living Room (Brazilian flag was a daily motivating reminder that I was going to Brazil for the first time in 2012 thanks to Ricardo, Mitzu, Fernando and Francisco.  Thanks again to Fernando I returned for a second 2 week trip in 2013.


view from up the street of my house Spring 2007

view of my house from the street Spring 2007



180 degree view from my deck Spring 2007

These are the floor plans of my house (schematically to scale–1700 sf + 640 sf creativity studio)


Since 2006 when I tore two rotator cuffs and had surgery to repair the one that the MRI found (2nd was found 9 months later but has never been a problem since the one time I experienced pain that year) I have been working from what is designated as my DINING ROOM at my collapsable wood dining table usually aimed toward the sliding glass door that looks out on my piece of forest and my two bird feeders.

view from desk










This is the first of my Holiday Cards. Click to see the collection from 2000 to the present



bookshelves in front of inactive fireplace. Beyond is the bookcase with travel books, many cds and tapes in my dining room







this is my dining room with the hanging that I continually change what is on it all year around and the cabinet unit with travel books (not in storage boxes in my studio) and many cds and audio tapes. The large CD/radio/tape unit is gone and has been replaced by piles of cds.



When I am in home in Athens and working this is my usual view.


view from desk






Hallway of Photos (Living/Dining Area to MBR)





last Spring I took down my 3 families of photo montages

1. birth family (mother, father, brothers: Jim and Brian and me)
2. first marriage family (my sons: Jeff and Scott)


3. 2nd marriage family (Merry, Jessica and I)


Birth Family…..1st Marriage Family…..2nd Marriage Family

Merry, Jessica, Friends


view of shelving units in Master Bedroom

the fabrics covering them come from Africa. The left unit has two shelves of African collectibles and books. Central one has storage boxes of magazines and files. Right one has nearly 30 binders of mounted printed photos from my 1st trip around the world in 2001 plus other trips prior to me buying my first digital camera. the bottom 3 or 4 shelves are all filled with video tapes.

I change the fabrics from my many trips that cover the 3 wall storage units periodically depending upon mood or when I feel I need a change.

120 degree panoramic shots of my master bedroom
DSCF9506 DSCF9507

Library – Guest Bedroom

View of main bookshelf wall in my library (upstairs 2nd bedroom-guest room)


this is door wall of my office which is to the left and behind me while I sit and work at my main desk on my laptops (stitched photo of photos)

this is the window wall the far left of this photo can be seen at the far right of the previous photo (stitched photo of photos)

this is the shelf area by the entrance to my office, which is all creativity books and filing cabinets with many files from my programs from the past 30 years.

Office Storage Area -The is the walk in closet – office supplies and books

left side is supplies and design/drawing books, rear is a bookcase w/ 5 or 6 shelves of motivational books and teaching books, the right side is files and some office supplies

Cartoon/Writing Study (off guest bedroom)

this is the writing/mystery side of my small studio space off the library/guest room. it is mostly temporary storage now because I have my drafting/drawing table in my creativity studio, what was my 2-car garage that I had enclosed


this is the left side of the small studio with all cartooning and some of my drawing books

here is the drawing/drafting table in the small studio located off of the library/guest room


Walk-In Closet(off Guest Bedroom)

this is the walk-in closet off the side of the library/guest bedroom (the shelves with books are two rows deep each)

left side….sales/audio tapes of my of my speeches…from many years ago, boxes filled with 3 1/2 floppy disks and piles of games ..

right side – storytelling tapes, dresser filled w/ photos & negatives…some of Merry’s New Age and health/counseling books


this been changed to hold shelves of photos and dvds of photos


photos taken January 3, 2012

of my upstairs office, library and cartooning studio

Travel Books in my Dining Room


Bookshelves in Living Room

Art books, Classics, Architecture, Stories and Storytelling


Creativity Bookshelves in Upstairs Office



books on desk January 2012



Writing Desk


Left Side shelves in Library


Right Side shelves in Library


Most Recent Creativity Books December 2011


Creativity Studio

(converted 2-car garage)

in my Creativity studio I wanted no storage, no shelves or bookcases. But then I decided that things that were specific to some of my programs: props, metaphoric symbols, gifts, toys, etc. would go on shelves and be stored to the right of the adjustable shelves on the same wall.

The following 5 photos show my CREATIVITY ROOM from different perspectives.


Time Management book collection

Yes I have read a few books on organization and time management at least these 17. I have even created workshops for clients on time management and organizing over the past 30 years.

Remember the quote: “Those who can do. Those who can’t do teach. Those who can’t teach, administer or manage others who teach and / or those who actually do? “

Here are photos of most of my collection of books on Time Management and Organization

Two years ago I helped a client in Baltimore set up a new company called: GARAGEWORKS, INC. with the initial service they provided was clearing out garages, basements, attics. Once they got started the entrepreneurial owner became aware of the ORGANIZING PROFESSION, then he expanded their services and products. During the first year in business they expanded their services to organizing and installing various types of organizing racks and storage systems and flooring systems or surfaces in garages, basements and storage areas.

Yet as you can see I “file by pile” until the piles fall over. Then I put the piles in boxes by category or project. Then I “pile the boxes by category“. When the pile of boxes falls over or grows large I designate areas in my office / home to specific topics or projects.

I cluster my clutter to minimize the amount of searching and design how the clusters look as much as possibled.

I tend to live by the philosophy once expressed in a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon.

VIDEOS of my house


“If God wants me to get this all done, I will never die.”

After working at 47 jobs in 49 years in 8 different professions and my current one of the past 25+ years has been as a PERPETUAL STUDENT WHO GETS PAID TO LEARN. I live in a TREE HOUSE which is a LIBRARY and EXHIBIT HALL of my life of 64+ years.



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