41+ Yrs

I have been exploring since I was at least 5 years old
when I traveled around our city block for the first time
on my tricycle totally alone with no one knowing I was.

Since then I have explored in 93 countries through
9 different single complete trips around the world
and several individual trips to one to 4 continents
before returning home.

alan wih red camera


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alan cartoon werner wandering alan smallI have been traveling since I first went completely around the block I lived on using my tricycle at 5 years old and that summer when my parents and my two brothers took our first “official” Family Summer Trip that took us from Detroit, Michigan to Platte, South Dakota, the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore and the states in between.

In 1977 I began my international traveling.

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My Global Trip Journals

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2003 February to present

July 2001 to 2003 February

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Since I “Motorcycled Around Europe with a BackPack and a Euro-Rail Pass” in 1977 I have continually met people who also love to travel and many who have out traveled me

and my 93 countries and 49 US states.

Thanks to the creation of so many new media or software or systems on the WWW and the internet I have continually gotten to meet, virtually, many other travelers.

Among them is a family who have bicycled across the US and from the northern tip of Alaska to the southern tip of Chile.

the new book Family on Bikes for 01:19:2013

This is an ezine post with sample chapters of the new book that will be released very soon.

to see some videos go to this YouTube Channel.



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