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Robert Alan Black’s Speech Evaluation on 4/18/16

Toastmaster Black is a very effective speaker as I just witnessed another one of his speeches about becoming a better communicator. He seems to enjoy and continues to give out great advice through many examples and motivates the group and individuals to further develop our speaking abilities. However, it’s Toastmaster Black’s speaking ability that is the most effective way that we as a group learn from his example.

There are several of Alan’s abilities that I would like to point out that makes him such a great speaker. Alan’s story telling ability is almost incomparable to most in the class. He paints his stories with words that makes it easy to visualize the story. Secondly, his vocal variety is “off the charts” in such a way that his vocal dynamics grabs your attention instantly. I believe this is one of his greatest skills.

Then there is also Alan’s body language and gestures that are equal in quality. He maximizes the effectiveness of his body language through the use of his arms, movement around the room, and making eye contact. He demands each person’s attention by making a personal connection with every individual. At one point during Alan’s speech I forced myself to divert my eyes off him and look at the audience. I noticed all 20 eyeballs (10 people) were engaged in his speech.

Lastly, I think that Alan’s use of pauses during his speech were very impactful in terms of timing and quantity.

Since there’s always room for improvement there are a couple of things that I would suggest Alan could work on. First, I heard a few sentences starting with “And” which makes for run on sentences. Secondly, I would recommend trying to stay within the time limits for speeches. It was not known beforehand what was the allowable time for Alan’s speech but in the past speeches he has gone over the limit a few times. Staying within time of a speech shows respect and consideration, especially in a formal speaking event. He acknowledged that listeners would much rather prefer a speaker stay within or under the time limit than be over time, especially at the end of the day.


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DHS – Illinois letter

Read what a mix of clients and particpants from my programs had to say.  Here are samplings from my over 3500 presentations and programs in nearly 40 states & 40+ countries out of the 49 states and 77 countries I have traveled to and in since 1950. Scan down for several samplings of testimonials from clients and participants.

This photo includes images from programs in 16 different programs in 13 countries.

Top Row – Australia, Taiwan, Singaore, Ukraine

2nd Row – Italy, Denmark, Denmark, Sri Lanka

3rd Row – US, Denmark, Holland, Turkey

Bottom Row – South Korea (Seoul, Daegue), South Africa, San Salvador

The following are samples of feedback I have received from clients and participants from over 3,800 presentations I have made professionally since I gave my first presentation in 1976. They are categorized by profession or occupation from A to Z.

Chambers of Commerce Credit Unions
International Associations
Banks Corporations
Education Government
Leadership Groups Medical
Parks & Rec Police & Fire



Your sessions effectively

teach the science of management and at the same time help people learn the art of leadership.

Our supervisors leave your sessions with a much improved ability to effectively interact with others in getting things done. The positive results from your sessions are “real”.

Our people have a better attitude about their company and about themselves. They are better “team builders” and better “team members”. I am pleased, Alan, you are part of the “Duck Head Team”

Danny L. Stanton,
President — Duck Head

Thank you

again for the excellent Creative Strategies program you presented at Kimberly-Clark.

The course you developed specifically for us was exactly what we requested. The content of the course not only gave us tools to enhance creativity, but were directly applicable to our research projects.

Many times people take courses, learn new tools, but then cannot translate what they have learned to the workplace. It was filled with “true value”.

David Strack
Kimberly-Clark Corp.

Thank you

for your inspiring keynote presentation at our OPRA / ASLA conference opening ceremonies.

We had delegates giving “high 5’s” to each other all week.

You always find interesting and amusing ways to remind us of the values we share and the goals we hope to achieve and you teach us ways to hold these values and achieve these goals

Jeffrey A. Morrow,
Cleveland Parks Assn. & Ohio Parks & Rec. Assn.

Your session

for the GMA Environmental Conference surpassed your previous programs. You had all of us laughing and involved for the whole hour.

“If We Ain’t Having Fun, Why We Doin’ It?” was the perfect balance to the very serious and intensive work sessions of the conference and added to the richness of our total program.

Lee Lemke
Georgia Mining Assn.
Executive VP

It is obvious

that our EXCEL program is making a significant difference in today’s and tomorrow’s leadership in the department, and we are indebted to you for helping us accomplish our goals.

Marti Fullerton –GA DOL
Deputy Commissioner

…I glanced

through your evaluations. Here is a sampling of the comments.

  • Excellent
  • Exemplary presentation
  • Fun, but made us think
  • Very good at mixing up the crowd and involving everyone
  • Wonderful presentation
  • Made learning fun
  • Excellent, very thought-provoking

Carol Heffernan
HRD Consultant
North Carolina CU Network

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