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Have you always wanted to travel the world?

Do you travel around the world now and want to more?

I have been traveling since I was 5 years old when I wandered around the streets near my parent’s home on my tricycle and they began going on our Summer Family Trips.

In 1977 I traveled to 24 countries around Europe, UK, Eastern Europe, Egypt and Greece with a backpack and a Euro-Pass.

in 1978, Merry and I traveled for 5 weeks in the UK and France with backpacks and Brit Rail passes.

In 1982 Merry, Jessica and I spent the summer traveling to the Netherlands, around Italy, and most of the summer in Cortona, Italy while I taught in the Univ of GA Cortona, Italy travel Abroad Program and then afterward we traveled by train from Venice to Koln/Cologne, Germany and back to the Netherlands, Mittelberg (specifically) and ventured by foot, bicycle, train and bus each day touring aound the Netherlands, south, west, east and far north.

In 1998 I began my regular international traveling with my first trip to South Africa to become part of the faculty of the annual ACRE (African Creativity Conference – 19th ACRE and the 8th Creativity in Education Conference in 2013).  In 1999 I went to Turkey for the first of a series of Creativity Conferences.  In 2000 I went to a mix of countries including both South Africa and Turkey.  In the Fall of 2000 I began planning my first trip completely around the globe.

Starting in and since the Summer of 2001 I have taken 9 trips around the world so far for a total of 93 countries and 49 US states.  They have ranged from 84 to 74 to 35 to 29, to 15 to 9 days in length.
I still have two more global trips in the planning stages:

1) traveling around the globe longitudinally if possible through Mexico, all the countries of Central and South America, Anartica and up the other side.

2) around the African continent to all the countries.

Here are some of the Holidays Cards I have created since 1999 that depict my varied traveling around the globe.



On the website you can see hundreds of photo albums from my ongoing global traveling and read my ongoing journals.  Until Apple eliminated their support of their previous HOMEPAGE software for photo album websites I had over 500 albums.  Those were slowly downloaded and reloaded to my SMUGMUG account. 

Come be a virtual fellow traveler with me any time you want.

Virtually travel with me through some of my photos and my written travel journals.

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Brief overview of my life of traveling includes:

From 1950 to 1962 I traveled to 48 US states and into both Canada and Mexico during our family vacations.  In 1977 I traveled on my own with a backpack and a Euro-Rail Pass completely around Europe, Great Britain, Greece, Egypt, and Yugoslavia. In 1978 Merry and I traveled for 5 weeks in France and around Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales).  Summer of 1982 I taught in Cortona, Italy & traveled in the Netherlands & Germany. In 1998 I began my global traveling that has led to 9 trips completely around the world ranging from 9 days to 84 days in single trips to 20 to 50 days in combined trips and travel to 93 countries up to November 2013.