2012 Trip to South Africa and Namibia

thanks for visiting this website page devoted to my travels and work in South Africa and Namibia from October 2nd to October 25th in 2012.

Some of us are returning to Namibia this coming October to do another ACRE Conference along the coast.

photos posted – ACRE 18TH, ACRE EDN 7TH, ACRE NAMIBIAN 1ST 

I have spent 3 1/2 WEEKS in South Africa and Namibia.  Now spending my last 4 days at Casa Lee and Casablanca thanks to wonderful friends/owners of both: Lynn and Kobus Vermaak, their two daughters and their wonderful staff.

ACRE 18 was fabulous
ACRE Edn 7 was great
ACRE 1st Namibia was wonderful
my time in Swakopmund, Namibia was tremendous fun including QUAD biking on the dunes at Wavel’s Bay.
7 days at Casa Lee and Casablanca were paradise.
4 hour workshop at CSIR was lots of fun
Presentations to two student groups (all the students at the school) and all of their teachers and principal at Lesedi High School in East Pretoria were fun.
Business Engage monthly Hot Topics in Joberg were fun too.
“aHa Idea Catalyst Centre” LAUNCH/OPEN HOUSE/CELEBRATION/KICK-OFF of Lynn’s brand new “aHa! Ideas Catalyst Center at Casa was highly creative and exciting.

Presentation for the Joberg Chapter of PSASA was fun with professional speakers.

My flight home on Thursday the 25th did not give me a surprise free 14 hour vacation in Dakar thanks to Delta like I expeenced last year thanks to SAA and USAir.

I left the USA on October 1st for Pretoria, South Africa

October 2 to 5 Pretoria
6 thru 13 Bela Bela (Warmbad/Warmbaths in Limpopo Province, 90 km north of Pretoria in Gauteng
14 thru 19 Namibia, including Windhoek and rural areas
19 to 25 east of Pretoria at Casa Lee and Casablanca.

I Presented at the following conferences, monthly meetings and special events arranged for me by South African friends and colleagues.

this page will include links to ppts and my Smugmug photo albums created for each of these.

18th ACRE

 Click on the following links to download storyboards from my presentation.

BROKEN CRAYONS – Creative Thinking Throughout Entire Organizations and Corporations.

Cartooning – tool of Creative Thinking


7th ACRE Edn

BROKEN CRAYONS – Creative Thinking Throughout All Classrooms and School

(click to download storyboard from presentation/workshop)


1st ACRE Namibia

Storyboard in one file (click to download file)

PPT from BROKEN CRAYONS: Creative Thinking Throughout Your Entire Organization (3 parts)

1 of 3
2a of 3

2b of 3

2c of 3

3 of 3

Cartooning session in Namibia (click to download)


Creativity Cafe at Brooklyn Mall in Pretoria




CSIR Presentation (click to download)


 Lesedi High School in East Pretoria

near Casa Lee and Casablanca (one of their sponsors)

Storyboard of presentation for students.

Storyboard of presentation for teachers at “aHa Idea Catalyst Centre”


Thank you note from the principal of Lesedi HS.

Dear Alan

Thank you for making Lesedi staff and learners feel very special through you visiting the school and emphasizing that creativity exists in all of us.  We will cherish the seed and implement what you have brought to us as individuals.

Feel free to communicate with us.

God bless


Hot Tables

Presentation storyboard – (click to download pdf)


PSASA – Johannesburg Chapter

Storyboard of presentation (click to download)

visit the following website for much more detailed material about INVOLVING YOUR AUDIENCE EXERCISES for any presentation. PPT presentations, pdf files and much, much more.

I stayed at this beautiful and peaceful guesthouse from the 2nd to the 5th of October

 I stayed as this paradise, one of two beautiful Country Manor, Wedding/Event Venues owned by my friends: Kobus & Lynn Vermaak, located east of Pretoria near the diamond mines I visited a couple years ago thanks to another friend: Annalie Botha.