2012 Dr. Jaskyte’s Class

PPT presentation from February 14th Class at Tucker Hall.

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Here is the presentation including presentation notes for each slide in 2 sections…slide 1 to 43 and slide 44 to 86.

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Below the photos is a listing of the key points I made or had planned to make. Unfortunately because I may plan, I may design a ppt presentation yet when I get started I often diverge from the plan and the ppt slides.  Some of those point I may never remember.

Some photos from the session.

Main Points (to read/see all my notes download the pdf of the notes pages above the photos)

Every human being born on the face of the earth is born with capacities to be creative, to think creatively, to have creative ideas as long as they are alive.

Yet most to all cultures tend to quiet down, squelch, even to some degree delibeartely or unintentionally KILL creativity in individuals in order to obtain some degree of conformity that creates their culture, whether north, east, westy or south.

Creativity, creativeness, creative thinking can be sparked, generated, improved, expanded consciously at any time in anyone or any group

How each of us think or prefer to think or perhaps think we think impacts all other aspects of our lives:






counseling, coaching, guiding, supporting, parenting….etc.


Most people around the world, based on my traveling and working in 78 countries and 49 out of 50 US states tend to believe that they are NOT CREATIVE.

G.A.P.S. is an acroynym I have used to explain some reasons for this incorrect belief.

G – gift  people still tend to believe that being creative is a gift that only a few are born with

A – attitudes impact our abilities to be creative

P – all human activities are the result of human beings using processes, tools, techiques, methods, systems, strategies

S – strategies determine success…strategy = choice to do things and expect specific results….we can all choose to be creative at any time on any day.  It is our CHOICE

WARM-UP….we benefit by warming up ourselves, other people, teams of people to help them become more willing and able to create on demand.

MANY TOOLS/TECHNIQUES/METHODS/PROCESSES can be used to help groups of people, whether friends, fellow workers, fellow leader/managers/supervisors, family members or total strangers become ready to be more creative and to become effectively more creative on demand.

We can benefit from warming up mentally, emotionally, socially, physically to be more creative.

Having a trained and experienced and passionate or enthusiast facilitator greatly impacts the work of groups of people.

Our creative thinking styles impact which creative thinking tools we are best at using and those we tend to resist using.

Working with people of LIKE MINDSETS, LIKE MIND DESIGNs, CREATIVE THINKING STYLES tends to produce more positive results.

The BEST TEAMS are heterogeneous, MIXED.  Yet they need to become open to other ways of thinking, doing, being, working in order to work effectively, productively, creatively.


Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP, DLA * Creative Thinking Consultant * Creative Thinking Speaker * Creative Thinking Workshops