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This page shares information about my 54 years of work and study experience around the globe focused on the development of skills and knowledge of LEADING, COMMUNICATING, TEAMING, CRE8NG.
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“Alan is a migrant worker who picks brains, not fruits and vegetables.”

Merry Black, Ph.D. – late wife, 1949-1998 (licensed psychologist)

I (Alan) have traveled and worked in 49 US states and 93 countries striving to help people, teams, departments and entire organizations learn more about how to become more Productive Leaders, more Effective Communicators, more Successful Teams and greater Creative Thinkers.

The following describes the professional programs I do and information about my working experiences that can help

you, your team, your department, your entire organization.

Do you want to improve your team’s





Are you communicating your creativity or creative thinking successfully?

Are conflicts between your people or with clients hurting you?

Are your meetings highly dynamic and productive?


1) external idea generation,

2) idea session facilitation or

3) training of idea generating & facilitation skills

Alan (Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP)

CP3-Cre8ng People, Places & Possibilities

I can help you and your people become more effective as:

leaders, communicators, team leaders, team members,

plus individual or team creative thinkers.

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This page provides a detailed professional biography for:

Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP

International – Professional Speaker

& Creative Workplace Consultant

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2014 The Beyonder Lifetime Award

         from the African Creativity Association
presented by Dr. Kobus Neethling, President, SA Creativity Foundation

       2012 The Excellence in Creativity Award

for distinguished achievements in enhancing global creativity and for his major contribution in promoting creativity in South Africa

presented by Dr. Kobus Neethling, President, SA Creativity Foundation

2010 Dave Tanner Champion of Creativity Award

from the American Creativity Association in Philadelphia at their annual International Creativity Conference.

CEF People’s Choice Award – CPSI 2007 at Callaway Gardens near Atlanta.

(gag award)

CEF Distinguished Leader Award – CPSI 2006 in Chicago

CPSI-52 in June – Chicago, IL Alan received the CPSI-DLA

           Distinguished Leader Award

for his service to CPSI, CEF and his commitment to the advancement of creativity around the world along with fellow DLA winners: Hedria Lunken-CEF co-pres, Jean Bystedt, Larry Ostuni.

In 2005 Larry Ostuni was given a special award and named “King of Creativity”, Kitty Huesner was named “Queen of Creativity” while Alan was named

“Prince/Jester of Creativity”

by their fellow CEF leaders.

CPSI Prince/Jester of Creativity Award- CPSI 2005 in St. Paul, MN

CEF Leaderhip Commitment Award – CPSI in Buffalo – 2001

CEF Colleague Award – CPSI in Buffalo 1991


Speaking related awards

Toastmasters: CTM, ATM-Bronze, ATM-Silver,

ATM-Gold (all but the final workshop requirement)

NSA – & GSF CSP – Certified Speaking Professional

received in 2000 in Washington, DC.

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Welcome to my website. It was designed to share a continuously growing collection of information about the development of

creative thinking, leading, communicating & teaming

in the workplace and provide extensive information and samples of my professional work.

The website consists of several sections shown in the “breaking crayons” directory at the left side inside of this screen of the major part of the website and a growing number of other pages accessible from the main entrance page at

Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP

International Creative Workplace Consultant


General Overall Professional Background

Since 1976 I have been speaking, training, facilitating and consulting with volunteer groups, companies, government agencies (local, state, national), and offices or plants of Fortune 1000 to 10,000 corporations around the US and in 30+ countries around the globe.

As a facilitator, trainer and speaker I have worked with civic groups, community leadership programs, chambers of commerce, companies, government agencies and church groups.  My facilitation experiences have involved working alone and in a variety of teams assembled for specific clients.

In addition to facilitating meetings and retreats I have also been teaching people how to facilitate since 1976 through community leadership retreats, organization workshops and training programs each year.

The following provides an overall design of this website, its contents and a brief bio of my education and professional experience.

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Yours Alan

Brief Professional Bio

1960 to 1976 – worked in 7 professions: licensed architect,

cartoonist, television newswriter,

college professor, interior designer,

graphics & signage designer,

freelance writer.

1976 – began as a creative workplace consultant part-time

1977 – traveled throughout Europe in 110 days to 22 countries

1978 – traveled throughout Great Britain & France for 5 weeks

1978 – began corresponding by postal mail (in 90 by e-mail)

with other creativity consultants around the world

1978 – involved in my first international creativity conference

in Trinidad and Tobago.

1984 – began as a professional speaker/consultant full-time.

1984 to 1987 – did some programs in Canada each year.

1990 – first work outside N America-Noordvijk, Netherlands.

1998 to present – traveled around the world 8 times (5 complete trips

around from 84 days to 9 days to 50+ countries.


In 1998 I began traveling around the world – going first to South Africa in September (returning each year since) – speaking on creative thinking development in the workplace.  Since 1998 I have traveled to 50 countries and spoken in nearly 40 of them at least once, some multiple times.  Since my childhood I have traveled to a total of 85 countries, including 8 trips completely around the world ranging from 84+ to 9 days since 2001.


In September of 2005 I walked across the border of my 64th country from South Africa past the checkpoints into Swaziland to have my photo take under their flag.  Some day I will return for a much longer visit.

Then in December of 2005 while working in Singapore I traveled to two more countries raising the total number to 71: Indonesia for the day and Hong Kong, unfortunately only to go through security check and change airplanes during my return trip home.

Since December of 2005 I have now been to 85 countries, including 15 trips to South Africa and 12 trips to Singapore.



If you are a meeting planner or a potential client you will find much information about my background, products and services going directly to the following sections and click on the “crayons” in the directory at the left of your screen:

The following are previous webpages from my earlier website, which are now being updated and replaced as my website is being improved and redesigned.

About Alan  (general bio and background)

Testimonials (a cross section of clients)

Professional Programs (basic description of my primary programs)

Cre8ng Articles (growing collection of articles published in many journals and newsletters around the world)

Cre8v Leading (12 minute audio demo)

Workshops (sample handout packages and Point Point Presentations)

Presentations (most recent handouts and PPT loaded for participants and the client)

To see my Bureau Friendly website go to…

If you are a VISITOR in search of information, tools, techniques and ideas about creative thinking and creative thinking style go to

Cre8ng Articles (growing collection of articles on creativity)

Broken Crayons (downloadable copy of entire book and info about other books)

Cre8ng Challenges (weekly creative skill development exercises…8 years worth)

Quantum Leaps (links to other great creativity websites)

Idea Generators (results of sample world-wide internet idea generating sessions)

World Travel Photo Albums (nearly 400 photo albums of my traveling and work around the globe since 1998)

Two of my greatest teachers and long time creativity friends:

Sid Parnes, Ph.D. and Ruth Noller, Ph.D. founders of Buffalo State University Masters in Creative Studies Program


My greatest teacher, guru, leiber master, colleague and best ongoing supportive friend for 25 years: E. Paul Torrance, Ph.D.


Sample photos from one of my world tours.


World Travel Photo Albums (visit my photo album website and choose a country to tour visually and virtually any time you want.)

To read about my travels go to…

Wandering Alan’s Travels



I hope you enjoy your visit to my part of Cyberspace.

Perhaps you will want to “bookmark” the site so you can visit instantly whenever you choose. May ideas, information and creative thinking tools and techniques shared here benefit you and your creativeness.

Yours Alan