2010 Singapore – SIM Nov 9-10

SIM – Singapore Institute of Management

Broken Crayons

November 9-10, 2010

Broken Crayons– Break Your Crayons And Draw Outside The Lines

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Benefits to You

No single person nor corporation has become and stayed successful ‘staying within the lines’. All successful companies have learned to break out of boxes that prevent them from growing and succeeding. Staying safe. Drawing only within the lines. These only lead to sameness. Uniqueness, novelty, creativity and innovation lead to higher levels of success.

Everyone possesses huge potential for creative thinking that generally goes unused in our workplaces. These potential reside in human traits, skills, abilities and tools that can be developed.

Matching our creative thinking styles to the tools and traits we use in our work leads to greater innovation, creativity and success.

As leaders, managers and supervisors we owe it to our organisations, stockholders, clients, customers and employees to become the most creative thinkers we can become.

This workshop examines your unused creative thinking traits, explores the use of creative thinking tools and develops your creative thinking, whether individually or in teams or departments.

You will benefit through:

Ever-increasing numbers of ideas that lead to successful solutions

Increased morale and ever-improving working environment

Advanced commitment among all employees

Greater results leading to increased profits

Programme Outline

This workshop answers the following questions for you and your organisation so that you can dramatically increase the applied creative thinking immediately.

What is creativity ?

Who is creative ?

How are you creative ?

How creative are you?

How can we be creative immediately ?

How can we inspire and develop creative thinking in others ?

How can we develop our creative thinking skills?

How to turn any environment into a creative one ?

Session Description


Developing cre8ng communities in your workplace from the front door to the top floor

Every day we are faced with challenges that can be dealt with creatively, yet most of our employees are not prepared. Instead of thinking creatively, they rely on rote learning, safe, risk-averting practices hoping to produce the same results they have always had. They may use their creativity at home on hobbies or with friends but in the workplace, they seldom do so.

As leaders, managers, or supervisors, we need to SUPPORT, PROMOTE, RECOGNISE, ENCOURAGE, APPLY and DEVELOP the creative thinking of all employees. We can develop systems for taking all employees from safe robotic production to highly creative thinking and production. Our greatest advantage against our competition is and will always be the creativity of our employees, continuously improving our existing products and services while generating new ones.

Moving from a Mass Producer of the Same Products and Services to a Highly Creative Solution Generating Organisation

Supporting Creative Thinking

Cre8ng communities need support from the front door to the top floor regularly.

Promoting Creative Thinking

Cre8ng communities do far more than hang inspirational posters periodically.

Recognising Creative Thinking

Extrinsic and intrinsic awards and rewards are part of a thorough recognition system.

Encouraging Creative Thinking

Vertically, horizontally and diagonally, we need to encourage each other to capitalise on and use our growing creative thinking skills.

Applying Creative Thinking

Everything we do can be done more creatively and we need to use our growing creative thinking skills in all our jobs.

Developing Creative Thinking

Like all human skills, creative thinking consists of traits, skills, abilities and tools that can be developed on an ongoing basis.