2011 Kuala Lumpur (Jan)

Alan (me/I) made two keynote presentations and was the closing emcee for this THOMVELL two-day Creativity Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the Istana Hotel in the heart of K-L near the Petronas Twin Towers and the K-L Tower (Menara)……Jan 10th & 11th….

Provoking CREATIVITY & Systemizing INNOVATION

for Business 10-11 January 2011, Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur


“FACES TO SPACES”link to SlideShare slide show for your to enjoy

Developing a C,r,E,8,N,G! Community throughout your entire organization from the front and rear doors to the top floor.

“GETTING TO EUREKA AND BEYONDlink to SlideShare slide show for your to enjoy

We have thousands of thoughts. We need to generate hundreds to thousands of ideas to generate or find great solutions. In the end it is solutions we truly need. This session will teach you a dozen ways to generate hundreds of ideas and not just a few dozen thoughts in your meetings. Then once you have the ideas you need you need a system to turn them into solutions. In this exciting presentation, Dr. Alan session will emphasis on using his 32 traits of Creative People to improve Creative Thinking skills in all employees. There will be short exercises on 12 different IDEA GENERATING Tools and techniques shared in this session. Learn 4 tools and systems for narrowing down large number of ideas in order to create plans to reach true solutions. His approach is call is the S.T.I.R. Approach

Brochure for Conference

2001 I (Alan) visited Kuala Lumpur twice while I was in Malaysia and Singapore.  Thanks to YKK, my host and now colleague and friend I gave two workshops.  Dr. YKK will also be a keynote speaker at this conference, along with colleague Titus Yong.

I am returning this November to be a keynote speaker at a new Creativity Conference

Here are some memory photos from 2001 of Kuala Lumpur city of many contrasts: modern and ancient.

To see many albums of my (Wandering Alan’s) photo of 2011 trip to Kuala Lumper go to my photo website:


Here is a shot of the modern section of K-L with the famous Petronas Towers Twin Towers

Here is one of my print film shots from the top of the K-L Observation Tower the highest point in K-L

Here is a shot from the Central Square Park of the Train Station.  I traveled on the night train from K-L to Singapore and then flew back from Singapore after the weekend and then flew back to Singapore.  Some of the employees at the airport recognized me and the last trip back to Singapore.

This is one of the beautiful temples that my hosts from MTDA – Malaysian Training & Development Association who I did one program for and who had me as their guests in Mauritius later that year too.

Here is one of my groups that YKK set up for me.

always nice to see your name in print

view from one of the temples toward the highly developed contemporary area

another view from the tower in the sky of K-L below

night view of Petronis Towers and K-L around them

Dr. Ananda, who I met thur Dr. Torrance in Athens before my trip took me to Batu Caves one day I was in K-L.  400 steps to the cave above.

up I go to the top

made it to the top and the entrance of the cave.