Alan Photos for Clients

Photos for Promotional Use by Clients–

—Here is a varied collection of photos for clients to use in promotional materials for the programs we do together.

Alan with his contantly visible camera
Dr. I. L. Create
Grandpa with Parker on Christmas Day 2009
Alan with Jessica/daughter on Christmas Day 2009
photos of my son Scott and his Dad, Alan and Scott as a professional tennis teacher/coach

Scott and Alan at Chicago Cubs game

Scott and Alan at Atlanta Braves game

Merry, Me, Jessica & Scott with clown faces

Scott teaching tennis at Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan, Florida

Photos of Alan presenting and wandering the world
Holland Workshop in Castle
CPSI Prince of Creativity
visiting Harry’s boat
Istanbul, Turkey 2003
Kreaturk Team in Istanbul 2005
WKF-Seoul, Korea
World Forum in Seoul, Korea
CPC Group in Teipei, Taiwan
50th CPSI Tools class & me
Wild, Whacky, Weird Ideas-CPSI
We w/ CPC Group Teipei
HFMA Conf – San Deigo
Bangkok Catholic University
Asian side of Istanbul
Broken Crayons
Design school Teipei
ACA Philadelphia
Toyoma, Japan w/ Henry
Teipei, Taiwan
Kyoto, Japan w/ Miyoshisan
Universal Studios, Osaka
Fukui Japan …Daegu, Korea
Disneyland Tokyo Disneyland Tokyo
border of Hungary & Slovakia
Disneyland Tokyo
Universal Osaka
Bangkok … Moscow
Seoul, Korea
4 styles of presenting
Aboriginals Taipei closeup Taipei
Ancient stones in Sweden
castle in Holland
Prince of Creativity Hat
Spaghetti Brothers at CPSI