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12 Cornerstones of Productive Leading


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C,r,e,8,n,g! Process

2010 Happy Holidays Card

2011 A.C.E.-KSU Coles

2011 Cabot

2011 CPSI June 20-24

2011 Creativity Conferences

2011 Florida Crty Wknd

2011 Griffin-UGA

2011 Happy Holidays Card 2012 Happy Holidays

2011 KDU 2-Day Workshop

2011 Kuala Lumpur (Jan)

2011 Pretoria High Schools

2011 PSASA Pretoria

2011 Singapore – SIM 2010 Singapore – SIM Nov 9-10

2011 TUKS 2011TUTBusinessSchool

2011 Univ’s & H.S.’s

2011 US work

2011-2015 & Beyond

2011ACRE&Education NBI Materials




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2012 – 18th Acre,

2012 Articles

2012 Dr. Jaskyte’s Class

2012 Fla Crty Wkd

2012 Mindcamp 2012 SA

2012 Programs/Projects

2012 Thinking Style Survey

2013 – 10th FCW Florida Creativity Weekend

2013 CPSI

2013 Creativity Conferences

2013 Dubai-Creative Thinkers Kuala Lumpur,

2013 Mindcamp

2013 New Zealand Creativity Forum

2013B ACRE-EDN Canon


2014 Compton CofC

2014 CREA-Italy

2014 Creativity Conferences

2014 Creativity Confs

2014 Creativity Confs

2014 Dell – 2nd (#9)

2014 Dell-1st (#8)

2014 Fla Creativity Wknd

2014 Mindcamp 20th ACRE

2014 Programs

2014 SRCUS

2014 World Creativity & Innovation Week

2014-20th ACRE,

2015 Dell 4 (#11 Penang) Dell

2015 NZCC – 2nd

2015 SFL

2015 Shapes Survey

20th ACRE

20th ACRE Uni-Hard Rock


40 yrs of Focus

41+ Yrs 100

4U Leading Productively

5 Topic Areas

50+ Articles

52 Traits Creative Thkg

6 Word Creativity Lessons

60CPSI – DRAW with Alan

60th CPSI

7th Edn & 1st Namibian

93 Countries 49 States

9th ACRE Edn

A Mix of My Cartoons

ABA Testimonial


Africa 2015 ACRE

Alan Bio

Alan Bio & Vitae (detailed)

Alan Photos Alan@Work

Alan Photos for Clients

Alan Professional Info

Alan Webinars Podcasts

Alan Wins Global Award

Alan’s Bureaus

Alan’s Cartoons

Alan’s Cartoons Portuguese

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Alan’s General Promo Page

Alan’s Library

Alan’s Memberships

Alan’s Rabbit Box Stories Angels

Alan’s Website pages

Algarve Univ Faro, Portugal

Analogies to Answers

Angels bk,


Are You Creative-Survey Results

Areas of Expertise-more info Creative Thinking

ArtSchools LINKS-Click to see many

Audience Involvement

Audience Involvement 2

Basic Programs-test

Be Diverse NOT Different

Be More Creative

Become More Creative! Brainstorming?…Alex Osborn Tool–brainstorming?..the misused cliche?

Bio Alan Bio – Full details

Brasil Mindcamp

Brasil XIII FICI – Victoria,

Broken Crayons-Increase Your Creativity

Broken Crayons™


Built a House in Cambodia

C,r,e,8,n,g! –

C,r,E,8,N,G! Communities

C,r,e,8,n,g! Communities

C,r,e,8,n,g! Info

C,r,E,8,N,G! Process

Cartoon to Creative Thinking


Client Feedback Increase

Clients IDEAS-Generate/Facilitate/Training Media

Coles Innovation Forum 2013 Programs

Coles Innovation Forum Ideas

Command College Materials

Consultant & Speaker

Consultant Storyteller in Costa Rica

Contribute 3 Pages Presentations

Crayon Breaking Project

crayons-experiment 1

CRe8 Thkr FICI

Cre8ng workshops

Cre8ngAlan Black Facebook



Create with CP3

Create! Don’t Just Regurgitate!

CREATE! Ideas2Solutions!

Creations EGO boost

Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking Doug Stevenson,

Creative Thinking in Kids/Children Creativity

Creative Thinking Resources

Creative Thinking Styles ppt

Creativity Articles to Read

Creativity CAFE – Brooklyn Mall

Creativity Crisis in America – My Comments

Creativity Resources

Creativity Webinars MyAngels&MyDemons – Details

CSIR 2010 Idea Session

CSIR South Africa

Definitions of Creativity,

Dell 1-11 2013

Dell Class 6

Dell Dell Class 5

DELL-Class 3 & 4

Developing Creative Traits

Developing Your Creative Thinking EVERY DAY

Directive Description

Distance Masters Degree in Europe

Dropdown Test

East Pretoria TM Club


Effectively Communicating

Even More 4 U

Even More Creative Creativity Alphabet Instant!

Everyone is Born 2 B Creative

Expanding Creative Thinking in Your Staff Productive Leading

Explore this Site

Testimonials – Gustav Gous, Pres PSASA



G.N.A.T.s of Creativity

Global Travel Photos

Google Articles & Blogs

Growing Collection of Articles

Happy Holidays Holiday Cards 98 to now

Happy Holidays SFL

Harriette Austin Conference

HELP University

Holidays Thru-out the Year

How Are You Creative Survey?

How we can work together

IET Kuala Lumpur

Improve L/C/T/CT Skills


Info about My Background Work

Introduction to Alan

Intuitive Description


KDU Presentation

Keys Living a Creative Life

Kristina’s Class

KSU CBusCrty

Leading Skills & Styles Spkr2Trnr


LESSONS-in process


Limkokwing Creative University

Links to other resources!

Lists of Creativity Books

Lrng Alan 2017 FCW

M.I.N.D. Design

M.I.N.D. Design Quiz Study

Malaysia SIM2013

Malaysian Universities

Matches MD-ThinkingStyles



MediaKit & Client Lists

Meditative Description

Meeting Planners Page

Memory Tips Cards

Merry M. Black

Mindmapping Training



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My Love – Travel Namibia

My Systems

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Negotiative Description


Nov 10th USM – Penang

NSA-GA 7/11

One Sheets

Open Space Learning

Past Programs – Grid

Past Some of My Best Programs

Past Work – 2011 to 2013


PR Articles

Presentation Skills for Managers

Pretoria Forum TM Club

Programs – Done

Programs – moved


PSASA 2010 Meeting 2011 Toastmasters

Psasa-Pretoria Chapter South Africa

Quantum LEAPS

RE-Cre8ng Alan in 2012 Sg

Red Zebra Foundation


Review and Note Summaries from Books

Reviewing & Integrating Notes

revisited Creativity Quotes

Sample Videos

Samples of My Workshop & Workbooks Videos

Samples of My Writing


Singapore – 2001-2009

Singapore – APSS November Meeting Teaming

Singapore Info Page

Skills I Teach/Train for

Slide Shows with Notes

SOS – Storytellers

SOS Winter Festival

Speaker 2 Trainer


Story workshop


Storytelling: Art, Science, Tool…..structures, types, approaches !!!

Successful Teaming/Teamwork

Successfully Areas of Expertise-35+ years


Testimonials – ASIA

Testimonials – Clients

Testimonials – Colleagues

Testimonials – Dave Klug Illinois DHS

Testimonials – FICI – Fernando’s

Testimonials – Harry Vardis,

Testimonials – Jonathan Vehar, CCL (was N&I)

Testimonials – Kobus & Neethling Place

Testimonials – Kobus Neethling-ACRE

Testimonials – LinkedIn

Testimonials – Melien Rossouw

Testimonials – Michael Podolinsky

Testimonials – Porter Poole WOW!

Testimonials – Rob Devine,

Testimonials – SA Testimonials

Testimonials – Sjra Putts

Testimonials – Tom McWilliams,

Testimonials – Turkish Teacher

Testimonials – William N. Hodges, Speaker

Testimonials & Feedback

Testimonials from Clients

Testimonials-Individual XIII


TM Speaker to Trainer Jan 27

Tools 4 Creative Ideas

Tools backup Workshop Materials

Travel Lessons for Life

Travel Lessons My Work

Traveling the World

TUKS Creative & Fac

TUKS Creative 30/9 13/10

TUT Univ Oct 9th & 11th

Understanding Yourself & Others Behavior Patterns

Uni-Singapore Applied Creative Thinking

Uni-Strategic Kuala Lumpur

Uni-Strategic: Jakarta May 20-21 2013

UTAR University

Value Systems

Videos 2015 Dell 3 (#10 Putrajaya)

videos audios webinars

Volunteer 2013

Wandering Alan’s Holiday Cards

Wandering Alan’s Travels

We Ain’t Going Home to Kansas TOTO?


Whole Brain Rats in a Maze

WWW Creativity Sources

XI FICI & 3 Brazilian Cities

XII FICI – Recursos para você no

XII FICI Expertise


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