Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP

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NSA- GSF – Certified Speaking Professional

National Speakers Assocation & Global Speakers Federation

2010 ACA – Dave Tanner Award – Champion of Creativity Award

CPSI / CEF- Colleague Award, Leadership & Service Award, Prince of Creativity Award, Distinguished Leader Award, People’s Choice Award

Toastmasters International, CTM, ATM, ATM-Bronze, Silver and Gold (all speech reqmts)

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MY TOPICS are focused on the development of creative skills in

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

Productive Leading

Successful Teaming

Effective Communicating:

Verbal, Visual, Written (one on one to large groups of people)


Alan’s One Sheet

Robert Alan Black is my given name. The name I prefer people to call me is Alan.

I have a few creative pseudonyms or aliases:

Dr. Black, the c  o l  o  r  f  u  l man named Black, Dr. I. L. Create, the Viz Whiz and the Creativity Wizard. You hopefully will begin to know me as Alan.

Professionally I am a creative workplace consultant and professional speaker. I specialize in the on-going development of creative thinking skills in ALL people in their workplaces and in producing creative ideas for my clients.

As a creative idea consultant I offer three related services individually or through virtual teams assembled specifically for the client to:

1.   generate ideas for specific problems or needs

2.   facilitate idea generation by or with my client’s people

3.   train my client’s people in one to many techniques for generating ideas.

Since 1960 I have worked as a Licensed Architect, Freelance Cartoonist and Writer, College Professor, Television News Editor/Writer, Graphic Artist, Signage Designer, Interior Designer and Speaker/Consultant.

Since 1979 I have worked with a mixture of business, industrial, government, and association clients plus I serve on the faculties of several annual executive development programs.

As a speaker and workplace consultant, I help my clients in™ Creative Thinking and Creativeness Throughout Their Workplaces©. I do these through:

face-to-face consulting

custom-designed opening and closing conference sessions


training programs


idea generation sessions or training

I combine down-to-earth, directly useful content with enthusiasm, humor and highly interactive sessions. My programs offer participants ideas and techniques that can be used immediately in their workplace or in their personal lives.

The results are 100s to 1,000’s of ideas to generate new products and/or services, increase profits, solve problems, surpass competition, improve staff morale, and reduce staff problems.

I help people recognize that they are more creative than they currently believe and train them on how to expand the creative thinking of everyone they work with or their families. The results all depend on the goals of the people themselves.

Since 1976, I have given over 3,500 presentations and workshops for individuals or groups and audiences on 6 continents: North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. In 2001 I travelled completely around the world, speaking in 16 of 18 countries. In 2003 I traveled to 30 countries thru 3 separate trips around the earth.  Totally so far I have circled the earth 8 times, 49 US states and 77 countries.

Since 1977, when I returned from my first extended trip to Europe, I have been giving speeches or holding workshops, seminars or retreats. My clients have been:

professional assns: state, regional, national

medium to large corporations (department or plants)

a variety of Fortune 500 companies

city and county governments and agencies, police/fire/emt depts

volunteer organizations

Community Leader Development retreats (1980 to present over 300)

credit unions, credit union leagues, Southeastern Regional Credit Union School (31 yrs)


parks and recreation departments and state assns

Georgia Public Training Cener – Executive Development Program (17 out of 18 years)

Command College Program – Masters Degree Program at Columbus State University (1995 to present)

130+ national and international creativity conferences since 1979 in 22 countries

In 1984 I began my company RAB, Inc. – Cre8ng™ People, Places & Possibilities as a full-time speaker and consultant. I began by making speeches about lessons I had learned from my traveling to over 30 countries in 1977.

My audiences then were church groups, professional and civic organizations and schools. Yes, I did eat a lot of free meals in the beginning. It is amazing how many different ways chicken can be prepared.

In a couple years I moved professionally into programs on leading, communicating, teaming and creative thinking skills and styles as a part-time job in 1979 until 1984.

Now after many years of full-time speaking and consulting, I integrate all my:

life and work experiences,

growing knowledge from reading,

searching and researching,


speaking and consulting experiences to help clients like you by:

speaking at a conference, convention or annual meeting

leading a seminar or workshop

facilitating a retreat

one on one or group consulting

coaching or counseling people face to face (individuals or teams)

leading idea generating sessions or training

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My passionate focus is on helping people like you and your staff or your association members become more creative and to become stronger leaders, effective communicators, positive team members and leaders, from the factory floor to the executive suite.

Continue reading throughout my web site. Then call or write to discuss how we may work together most effectively. Thank you for visiting me in cyberspace.