Here is my 2017 Holidays Card

When I began creating it this year I thought it had been a DULL YEAR
compared to the other 19 years I have been creating these cards

instead I found examples of many creative things I did in the
past 40 years while I have been traveling around the world for
fun and work that paid for my fun and my life.

Athens Plein Air monthly painting/drawing/photographing events
RABBIT BOX storytelling events (2 that I told stories during)
Musical events on UGA Campus
seeing CAPITAL STEPS comedy team perform
Sunday afternoons at The Globe for Gallic & Irish music and friends
Weekly Harriette Austin Writers Salon gatherings at the OCAF Center
OCAF art exhibits
as a visitor not an exhibitor
various art gallery exhibits around the area
100 plus Health & Happiness Walks in the area

Namibia ACRE II
Istanbul two short vacations ( 8 to 9 hrs ) with friends (old and new) 
2 weeks in South Africa for 2 Creativity Conferences (annual trip since 1998)
FCW Florida Creativity Weekend in Sarasota, FL
2 week long annual Florida Creativity, Family and Friend Road Trip clockwise from Tallahassee to Lake City and home again to Athens
climbed down Stone Mountain with two friends from Europe and Asia
saw Liam, my grandson and his parents in Lake Worth, FL
Indie Book Fair I had an exhibit table in it
FAT TIRE BIKE riding on dunes in Namibia

sorry about the blurriness of the images

If you want to see much clearer versions
write to me at