Creative Thinking in Kids/Children

TTCT – Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking

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Developing Creative Thinking in Children

Over the past 60 to 70 years and all the way back to Maria Montesorri, John Dewey and Fredrik Froebel you can find a vast amount of material devoted to the development of creative thinking in children in the classroom and after school.

This page has been created to share some resources that I have used, have in my own library, know of that will benefit you as a teacher or parent.

Developing Creative Thinking in Children

DeBono’s CoRT Material, created many years ago.  I used them with elementary school children and college art students with success.

Lynda Curtin is one of the major resources for de Bono materials in the US for classrooms.

Dr. E. Paul Torrance, my major professor for my doctorate in creativity, specifically the teaching of creative thinking tools and skills is another great resource for materials and books along with the

TORRANCE CENTER of CREATIVE THINKING at the University of Georgia

Torrance Legacy check out this website

TTCT – Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking Google search of TTCT materials

Dr. Donald Treffinger’s Center for Creative Learning is another great resource.

Bob Eberle’s S.C.A.M.P.E.R. technique and materials

go to for SCAMPER books

Search for Dorothy Sisk, Dorie Shallcross, Theresa Amabile,

creative thinking for children