Workshop Materials

Workshop Handout Materials

Ever since I was asked to create a workshop, then a keynote address, a 3 to 6 day training program of a university masters degree or under-graduate course I have always designed for the specific CLIENT, AUDIENCE, GROUP, CLASS, UNIVERSITY rather than simply dusting off previous programs and reusing them over and over again.

To discuss how I will design a program specifically for you, your team, group, company, organization simply send me an email at…

So that we can set up a time to talk over what you need and want.

Here are many samples of workshop handouts and workbooks that have been designed for clients and presented at conferences in 40+ of the 50 US states and 40+ of the 77 countries I have visited around the world since 1976.

Additional “stand-alone” versions are also available with presenter/trainer notes,¬†bibliographies and other support material to help you present your own¬†workshops using these.


Here are examples materials from some of my most popular workshops and presentations in PDF or PPT format.

If you would like to learn more about one or two of these programs write to me directly at…

please include the name of the program(s) in your email.

Don’t Just Sit There! Be Creative!!! Creative Thinking

Being Creative Right Now When You Need to Be

Coordinating – leading with a little ‘l’

Leadership (Coordinating)

Understanding Yourself to Better Work With Others

Communicating -Is What They Believe They Heard What I Think I Meant to Say?

Wild, Whacky, Weird and Off-the-Wall Ways to Spark Creativity

Off-the-Wall, Out-of-the-Box, Unconventional Thinking Can Lead to Success

Workshop Resources (exercises)

Have Balloons, Hoola Hoops, Let’s Meet

From Silly to Serious to Success

I gladly share one of them if you write and ask by title.

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