Memory Tips Cards

Memory Tips Cards

This webpage has been created for participants in my workshops and training programs.  It contains a series of tip cards in bookmark or small poster format for helping people to continue learning and strengthening what they learned in my programs afterward.

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1.   Leading

2.   Communicating

3.   Teaming

4.   Creative Thinking

5.   Creative Thinking

6.   M.I.N.D. Design tips

7.   4 Keys to Productive Leading- “Magic and Pride”

8.   Guiding very Productive and Valuable Meetings

9.   Speaking and Training Efficiently and Effectively

10.   Decision Making

SMALL POSTERS (Learning Aids and Puzzles)

11.  Tips for Using Visual Aids

12.  Public Speaking Basics

13.  Why Add Humor to Your Speaking?

14.  8 Creative Thinking Puzzles

15.  Answers – 8 Creative Thinking Puzzles

16.  9-Dot Puzzle – sample answers