“Story” workshop

This webpage contains links for

Photos and videos taken for a story workshop


SLIDESHARE…..complete slides show


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Plus the PPT from my

Stories and Storytelling: Tools of Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Because the ppt contains many photos I have broken it into 3 sections to make it easier to download

story session 2 A

story session 2 B

story session 2 C

Here are the slides with my working notes

story session notes 1

story session notes 2

story session notes 3

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stories storytelling bibliogrpahy

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My plan was to do the following:

I. prepare a voice over version/podcast/webinar of the session minus the time spent on exercises. (not completed)

II. prepare a written script version, notes page version with my basic comments in text. COMPLETED 9-12-11

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Photos from story workshop–

you can see samples of photos on my Facebook page at




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Wandering Alan