Even More Creative

Here are 32 ways to begin to improve, expand, deepen, widen your creative thinking skills.

Try one a day MONDAY to FRIDAY next week.

Then try one a day from the next 27 the following week.

Then try one a day from the next 22 the following week.

Do something creative every day.

If you are a teacher…use these 32 traits to improve the creative thinking of ALL of your students. Mix them in with all your subjects.

Math, Science, Economics, History….all subjects can be CREATIVE.

Use CREATIVE WAYS of TEACHING to EXPAND the creativeness of your students


If you are a SUPERVISOR, TEAM LEADER, MANAGER, LEADER you can use these traits to improve the creativity of your employees.
S.P.R.E.A.D. creativity throughout your classrooms and/or your workplaces







creative thinking traits, techniques, tools in your classrooms and workplaces.

As a supervisor, team leader, manager or leader encourage your employees to make ALL OF YOUR MEETINGS creative.


@#32 ways to be creative – 01 deliberately find ways to adapt or be adaptable rather than just adopt

@#32 ways to be creative – 02 Continually be curious….learn, search, explore, experiment, reach out

@#32 ways to be creative – 03 spend more time being a Divergent Thinker and encourage others to think divergently more

@#32 ways to be creative – 04 put more energy into your life through all your senses in everything you choose to do or have to do

@#32 ways to be creative – 05 use your abilities to fantasize, to dream, to imagine, to vision, to hunch

@#32 ways to be creative – 06 be more flexible each day

@#32 ways to be creative – 07 spend time each day being future focused, think about how your ideas will impact in the future

@#32 ways to be creative – 08 be fluent, generate 6 ideas, 12 ideas, 24 ideas, 144 ideas…long, long lists don’t look for only one answer

@#32 ways to be creative – 09 use your sense of humor, play more, laugh more, explore other senses of humor

@#32 ways to be creative – 10 strive to be more idealistic, at least part of the time. Easier to tame idealism down than to excite normal

@#32 ways to be creative – 11 use your imagination every day, watch, study, enjoy other people’s imaginations

@#32 ways to be creative – 12 choose to be an independent thinker not a GROUP THINKER OR MOB /CROWD THINKER

@#32 ways to be creative – 13 remember we are all capable of be ingenious…find the genius inside of you and others Namaste

@#32 ways to be creative – 14 …synthesize, see patterns, see, find, create patterns

@#32 ways to be creative – 15 learn new things every day, learn old things in new ways too

@#32 ways to be creative – 16 non-conform, pre-form, unform, anti-form, pro-form, de-form, re-form…..

@#32 ways to be creative – 17 learn what you are truly motivated by, beyond money and things

@#32 ways to be creative – 18 observe, look until you see, truly see, see beyond, see what others are not seeing

@#32 ways to be creative – 19 strive to be open-ended, don’t accept the first, second or even just the third RIGHT ANSWER keep searching

@#32 ways to be creative – 20 be original, look for original thoughts, things….

@#32 ways to be creative – 21 find or put passion into your work whenever, wherever, however, with whomever, whyever, whatever

@#32 ways to be creative – 22 perceive, see the world differently often

@#32 ways to be creative – 23 ask, ask, ask, why, who, what, when, where, how….question, question, question your questions

@#32 ways to be creative – 24 look for possibilities and probabilities not always perfect solutions and not only accepted answers

@#32 ways to be creative – 25 study, examine, learn YOU, who, what, when, where, why, how…expand you self-knowledge

@#32 ways to be creative – 26 learn from Abraham Maslow….self-actualizing….actualize yourself, discover, create yourself

@#32 ways to be creative – 27 self-discplined….be disciplined, discipline yourself, focus, concentrate, commit, devote

@#32 ways to be creative – 28 explore what you thought was your destiny, explore what is your destiny, choose your own destiny

@#32 ways to be creative – 29 increase your sensitivity through your senses, feelings, emotions, actions

@#32 ways to be creative – 30 being severely critical is a tendency of HIGHLY Creative people in all walks of life, use yours productively

@#32 ways to be creative – 31 specific interests, focus, aim, target, concentrate….multiple interests can be fun and dangerous too

@#32 ways to be creative – 32 look for, accept, create ambiguity…..look for multiple solutions, even those that contrast or contradict

@#32 ways to be creative – 7008th tweet…32 ways to be creative…there are millions to billions. How will you choose to be creative today?


Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP

Creative Thinking Consultant, Creative Problem Solver, Idea Generator, Creativity speaker and consultant