6 Word Creativity Lessons

6 Word Creativity Lessons

This morning I watched a short talk on Vimeo, may have been either a TED Talk or a TEDx Talk by Larry Smith about his 6 Word Project….writing messages in 6 words only: biographies, feelings, lessons.

I was instantly inspired to write 6 WORD CREATIVITY LESSONS on Twitter and send them to my 1076 or so followers and to the Twitter Deck lists of messages that include the words #creativity, #creative thinking, #creative around Twitterverse total.

Take a look at Larry Smith’s Smith Magaine website


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Here are my 40 minutes of 6 Word Creativity Lessons.

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Drew before I spoke now speaker

share your message in 6 words

end day saying “was creative today”

start day saying will be creative

2b creative begin unfocused then focu

fill your walls shelves with creativity

2b creative hang out with creatives

daily challenge yourself 2b more creative

read others thoughts about teaching creativity

ideate daily record ideas study ideas

take creative idea searching walks runs

set up a creative space home office

2b creative defer judgement dream guess

imagination invention inspirations creativity innovation solutions

2b creative surround yourself with creativity

when you can’t think read others

when you can’t think write anything

2 become more create carry notebook

highly creative people all carry notebooks

2b creative use brainstorming checklisting scamper

Build creativity thru websites ezines regularly

creativity often require many tools techniques

creativity use fantasy imagination dreams maybes

creativity is expressing of you yourself

creativity produces serious from the silly

creativity draw paint dance sing enjoy

add 10-15% creativity to each project

creativity comes from subconscious non-conscious preconscious

“Creativity benefits from your deferred judgement”
Gregg Fraley http://tinyurl.com/yawjud9

Creativity comes from imagination and dreaming

Creativity comes from play and fun

“creativity = Do what your heart desires!” Gregg Fraley TEDx NSAS talk http://tinyurl.com/yawjud9

make TweetDeck columns of these terms

creativity needs daily energy from you

creativity is the result of enthusiasm

use your creative thinking each day

TEDx creative, creativity, creative thinking daily

youtube search creativity creative thinking daily

parents inspire expand your child’s creativity

leaders managers teachers help others create

everything can be made more creatively

becoming more creative is daily activity

being creative is a daily choice

deliberate creativity abilities everyone can have

creativity can be made deliberately now!

creativity sometimes just happens sometimes not

h2 increase creativity in 6 words

Born speechless then drew professional speak

Born speechless now I speak professionally

sketch your thoughts don’t just write

6200-nd tweet…bye for now twitterers


Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP

Creative Thinking Consultant, Creative Problem Solver, Idea Generator, Creativity speaker and consultan