Quantum LEAPS revisited

Quantum LEAPS revisited

My initial website created in 1999 contained a page title QUANTUM LEAPS where I shared many links to creativity websites I highly recommended.

Here they are again.
From here you can access some of the richest and most exciting web pages devoted to creativity, creative thinking and creative problem solving.

I have collected the following website address links to share with people interested in expanding both their knowledge of creativity and their own creative thinking skills. I hope you find them as interesting and valuable as I have.

Please contact me with other recommended sites for future addition to the page.

Serendipity: A Course in Creativity
creator/owner: Marti Anderson
Brief Description of Site:

The majority of the content on my Serendipity: A Course in Creativity web site was specifically designed to be used by teachers and students of all ages. I have included a page on theory, another page with ideas for activities, and several pages of links to other resources I’ve found to be of interest.

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Creative Education Foundation WWW
Owner: Creative Education Foundation Creative Problem Solving Institute
Brief Description of Site:


This is the general site for the Creative Education Foundation, largest and longest in existence, 45+ years, organization focused on the development of creativity around the world. CEF & CPSI were started by the creator of Brainstorming, Alex Osborn and his co-founder Dr. Sidney Parnes, co-creator of the Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Process, known around the world. CEF has the best resource and bookstore on creativity. Their annual program catalog can also be found on the site.

To Contact Owner:
1 800-447-2774

Enchanted Mind
Owner/Creator J. L. Read
Brief Description fo Site:


…..lots and lots to read, from Techniques, Knowledge, Inspiration & Humor, puzzles, exercises and lots of articles.

Quotations Page


Quotes for reminding us about such things as Imagination which in itself is one way to become creative

Women and Creativity
Brief Description


Some excellent material about women and creativity and a very good source to additional sites.

Creative Thinkers
Brief Description


Great thinkers and Visionaries on the net – a long listing of people both the living and the past with links to info about them

Creative Thinking Products


Odyssey of the Mind Program
This one lists various spontaneous practice problems….
Odyssey of the Mind home page


E. Paul Torrance Center for Creative Studies University of Georgia
Brief Description


This is the center that maintains the Torrance Library of Creativity and continues various educational programs for the development of creativity. It is the major source for information about the world-renown Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, the Challenge Program and the International and National Future Problem Solving Bowl and Program.

Anita York Torrance Center UGA-Aderhold Hall Athens, Georgia 30602

The Creativity Web
Creator/Owner: Charles Cave Sidney, Australia
Brief Description


Articles, book lists, book descriptions, exercises, reports, and much, much more about creativity plus additional links to sites around the world.

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The Whole Brain Institute
Brief Description


Very full site about the Herrmann Brain Dominance Model and the work that has been and is being done with it around the world to help people develop themselves and teams and to turn entire corporations around.

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The Canadian Creativity
Brief Description


The Canadian Creativity Association’s site. Lists programs and other materials.

MG Taylor Group’s Site address:


This is a very active and respective creativity consulting group that has been written up in several business journals and Fast Company in recent years.

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