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Do you need help in improving the skills of creative thinking and problem solving, the skills and styles of leading, communicating, teaming for yourself, your team, department, entire organization?

If so, CP3 can assemble a global or local team to help you.

Living Creatively and Being Creative Daily to Help Others Become Creative

Cre8ng People, Places & Possibilities is my virtual company that helps clients to become more productive leaders, more effective communicators, more powerful teams and team leaders and more creative thinkers throughout keynote speeches, workshops, training programs and university courses.

CP3 is the general name for my company for working with a client who needs a complete team of consultants from anywhere in the world work with them.

Each of the CP3 consultants have been for 15 to 30+ years helping supervisors, managers, leaders, teams, departments and entire organizations improve their knowledge and skills of

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving




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