Expanding Creative Thinking in Your Staff

I have created TWO guiding systems for DEVELOPING CRE8NG COMMUNITIES throughout entire Organizations from idividuals to teams to departments to the complete organization


First ONE is called S.P.R.E.A.D.ng

S –  Supporting

P – Promoting

R – Recognizing and Rewarding

E – Encouraging and Educating

A – Applying

D – Developing

Creative thinking in ALL individuals, teams, departments throughout your entire organization.

– – – –


Ooops! and C,r,E,8,N,G! are both my creative solution seeking processes inspired by the Osborn-Parnes Creative Solving Process

The Second is C,r,E,8,N,G!

C –  Collect, choose your challenge to generate creative ideas for solutions

r –  read, reap, reorganize information about your challenge

E –  examine the information and various ways to look at your challenge and choose the one that best defines your challenge best

8 –  generate ideas for your challenge using 8 different approaches, creative thinking tools and techniques

N –  Narrow down your many ideas into the best and narrow those down to one you are willing to commit to and/or are excited about.

G –  Gather resources: human and other, generate a plan, schedule and GO FOR IT!


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