3800+ presentations and programs to date

presented in 40+ US states, 40+ countries focused upon improving and expanding knowledge and skills of leading, communicating, teaming and C,r,E,8,N,G! throughout entire workplaces from the front & rear doors to the top floor.

Do you want to improve your skills in Leading, Communicating, Teaming and Cre8ng? Then click on these links to see titles and descriptions of sample programs designed to help you and your staff.

1) leading: yourself, your team, your department, your organization?

Productive Leadership

2) communicating from one on one to large audiences, written, verbal, non-verbal?,

Effective Communication

3) teaming as a member or a leader of a team,

Successful Teamwork

4) thinking creatively from ideas to solutions?

Creative Thinking

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Then I can help you or a CP3 Team can help you, your team, your department, your organization.

Since 1976 as a speaker, trainer, consultant I have done over 3500 speeches, breakout sessions, 1/2 to 3 day long workshops, weekend retreats, 6 to 10 day training programs and university undergraduate and graduate level courses on…click on these links to learn more about some programs in each area.

BROKEN CRAYONS PROGRAM – SIM – Nov 9-10, 2010 program brochure

Productive Leadership skills and styles

Effective Communication skills and styles (verbal, visual, written, non-verbal)
Successful Teamwork, team leading
Creative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

Each year I create new programs focused on the toics of Leading, Communicating, Teaming and Creative Thinking.  Here are 5 of my most popular titles:

From Attila to Zorro, What Kind of Leader Are You?
Is What They Believe They Heard, What I Think I Really Said?
We’re Charging Up What Hill? Where? When?
Break Your Crayons and Draw Outside the Lines to Solutions

Life is a Creative Journey, Not A Guided Tour
(based on my travel to, in, thru 77 countries and 49 states)

My programs range from 45-60 minute keynote speeches, to 60-90 min breakout/concurrent sessions, 1/2 day to 3 day workshops, multiple training programs, to one on one or team coaching.

All are designed and pre-planned to fulfill each client’s specific goals and needs.


Creative Icebreakers and Exercises – PDF of PPT presentation

Creative Icebreakers and Exercises – MOVIE version of PPT presentation

Yes You Are Creative! pdf

Creativity in the Classroom pdf

Quotes blue & photos pdf

Searching for my 9th Element pdf

Tooling Around (UK) pdf

Wild Whacky Weird pdf

Wrapping Up 66 Years pdf

Wrapping Up 66 Years ppt