• successfully sending a thought,
  • idea, solution from one head to
  • another or many... verbally, visually,
  • physically and/or emotionally.

Sample List of Clients

General Motors


Gillette Stationery Div

Johnson & Johnson


Gulfstream Aerospace




Duck Head Apparel

Bibb Manufacturing


Wrigley Gum

Bobb's Candies

NutTree Plantation

Ringier America Printing

Ga Chiefs Assn Command College - 43 week-long programs since 1995

Georgia Public Safety Training Center - Executive Development Program-week- long program each year for 17 years

Leadership Development for Police Departments throughout Georgia: Athens, Gwinnett, Forest Park, Albany, Macon, LaGrange, Warner-Robins, Riverdale, Decatur, LaGrange,etc.

Leadership Development Programs for city, county and state governments and agencies throughout Georgia

Leadership Programs for Chambers of Commerce throughout Georgia (300+ over 20 years)

Novo Nordisk




Robins Air Force Base

Fort Benning

Fort Stewart


Southeastern Regional Credit Union School 1980 to present annually

Parks & Recreation Executive Development Program - annually for 25 years

Univ. of Georgia...

Art Dept, School of Environmental Design, Social Work Dept., College of Education, Philosophy, Anthropology, Business School

Georgia Insti of Tech.

Georgia State Univ

Emory University

Kennesaw Univ.

Ringling School of Art

Eastern Oklahoma State

Univ of Oklahoma

Northwood University - Alden B. Dow Creativity Conference 98, 99, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07

CPSI 1978 to 2008

ACA - American Creativity Association 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 06, 07, 2008 (Singapore)

CREA - Creativity Europe Assn - Italy 2003, 04, 05

DIKI - Danish Initiative for Kreativity & Innovation 2001, 2003, 2005

Taiwan Creativity Assn

ACRE - African Creativity Conference 1998 to present annually

Creativity in the Classroom - South Africa 2004 & 2006, 2007, 2008

2 Japanese Creativity Organizations 2003

Korean Creativity - Daegu

Seoul Management University

World Knowledge Forum 2003 - Seoul, Korea

Austrian Creativity Assn 2003

Mind Camp 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Innovation Convergence 1997

New Zealand Professional Speakers Assn - Christchurch

Australian National Speakers Asson - Brisbane

Professional Speakers Assn in Paris 2001

National Speakers Assn - several conferences & workshops

NSA Chapter meetings: Georgia, Alabama, New Orleans


Sample Program Titles

"Is What I Believe I Said,

What They Think They Heard?" ©

"You're Up Next! Speaking to be Understood" ©

"If You Shoot from the Hip, You Aim to Miss" ©

"You Might As Well Be Speaking in Tongues" ©


We all can continuously improve our abilities to more Effectively Communicate with individuals, groups, large audiences.

Effective Communicating is the results of using many valuable tools & techniques.

This portion of the website contains titles and descriptions of speeches, workshops & training programs plus access to many sets of material to help you to begin expanding and enriching your communicating skills:

  • 1) verbal from one on one to running powerful.and valuable meetings

  • ....to makeing large scale presentations and speeches,

  • 2) written: emails to letters to reports

  • 3) ppts, visual presentation, displays.

For many years the CP3 Colleagues have been presenting keynote speeches, breakout sessions, workshops, training programs and college courses on Effective Communicating, whether spoken, visual, physical or written for people from supervisors to CEOs, Directors of agencies and owners of companies.


Here are sample session titles, descriptions and topic:

Communicating Successfully -

Becoming a More Effective Communicator:

one on one, in small to medium size meetings to large audiences as a primary speaker.

This has been one of the four areas of the focus of my work since 1976

from coaching individual speakers or managers or classes of up to 75 people

to learn new ways to make speeches, presentations or guide highly successful

meetings that people remember and talk about for years into the future.


Topics Covered in Alan's Sessions (for information for any of the CP3 Colleagues simply contact us at alan@cre8ng.com.


Through my Communicating Programs participants learn...

  • Basic Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Several ways to organize a speech or presentation
  • How to turn a speech into a presentation or into a training program
  • how to turn a training program into a presentation or into a speech.

Speaking/Training/Presenting Styles

  •   What is yours?
  •   What might you do to expand and enrich yours?
  •   How to change yours to suit a specific audience?
  •   How to speak or give a presentation in a variety of styles to reach
  •   all of the members of your group or audiences from 5 to 50,000
  •   How to prepare the vocal, visual, physical and social/psychological
  •   aspects of your presentation to better make the listening or learning styles
  •   of your various audience members?

..Leading - Guiding - Facilitating Meetings

  Various roles involved with creating and running

  highly productive and successful meetings.

..S.T.I.R. Model of Speaking, Presenting, Leading and Training during Meetings

  This Model is based on 3 lessons learned from thousands of years ago

  from Confucius.

  Tell Me.....I will forget

  Show Me...I may remember

  Involve Me....I will begin to learn

  added to these 3 delivery styles used around the world is one I added in the

  past 30 years of working as a speaker, facilitator and presenter.

  Reach Me....Let me begin to know you, while you begin to know me

                      and we will begin to truly learn together.

..Causes of Mis-Communication

..ABCs of Effective Communication

   26 specific things we can do to improve our speaking, presenting, training and

   facilitating with any to all audiences or groups.



If You Shoot from the Hip, You Aim to Miss

Too often we all communicate like gunslingers, we 'shoot for the hip'. We need to focus and plan our communications to increase understanding and success. You can plan, organize and design what you are going to saying when walking down a hallway or across a room. This session will help you learn to better plan and improve your communications, whether written or spoken, in person, on the phone, over the internet or the mail. Stop shooting from the hit and improve your communication.



Communicating More Successfully Today

$3 Billion is probably wasted in our workplaces every day due to small to medium communication errors.  This session is filled with tips, techiques and systems for improving you speaking, listening and understanding and communicating with all people from the front door to the executive floor of your organization.  Using the S.T.I.R. process, understanding 36 Causes of Mis-Communication, learning how to use the  M.I.N.D. Design thinking/learning/communicating/problem solving model to minimize the majority of your communication challenges.


Popular Programs

Programs presented to clients and audiences for several years, each year.



To effectively Coordinate or Collaborate the work of others and to increase the Creativeness of others we all need to expand our Communicating Skills.
The following 3 programs are designed to add to and improve your skills.


"Is What I Believe I Said,

What They Think They Heard ?"

Most of every day communication fails because of mis-communications. We all make mistakes and cause mis-communications daily that may cost $5 to $10 each but added together could represent billions of dollars in errors throughout the business world. There are a few basic things we can do every day to cut down on mis-communication. We can begin by learning some:

  • Types of Mis-Communications and How to Lessen Them
  • Causes of Mis-Communications and How to Eliminate Them
  • Techniques for eliminating Mis-Communications


"You're Up Next! Speaking to be Understood

Speaking and talking are as different as hearing and listening. Too often we talk and the other person hears, while we really ought to be speaking and listening to each other. This program combines speaking and presentation skills to help everyone become better speakers and meeting leaders.


"Training is More Than Standing in Front & Talking"

There are many tools we all can learn to use to become effective trainers Coaches and mentors.

  • Verbal, Visual and Physical Tools for Training Anything
  • Developing Training and Learning Plans
  • Increasing Retention Through Increasing Attention
  • Improving the Impact of Training: before, during & after.

For more information about improving your ....

communicating, speaking, presenting and facilitating skills go to...


Communicate More Effectively

Improve your skills whether communicating one on one or to large audiences

Communicating Effectively program descriptions ,  program outlines and descriptions      


MIND Design questionnaire...Better communicate with all people  

Workshop handouts    review samples of my programs