• generating ideas
  • through the tapping of
  • people's creativity
  • plus helping to expand
  • and enrich their thinking
  • and problem solving skills.

Sample List of Clients

General Motors


Gillette Stationery Div

Johnson & Johnson


Gulfstream Aerospace




Duck Head Apparel

Bibb Manufacturing


Wrigley Gum

Bobb's Candies

NutTree Plantation

Ringier America Printing

Ga Chiefs Assn Command College - 43 week-long programs since 1995

Georgia Public Safety Training Center - Executive Development Program-week- long program each year for 17 years

Leadership Development for Police Departments throughout Georgia: Athens, Gwinnett, Forest Park, Albany, Macon, LaGrange, Warner-Robins, Riverdale, Decatur, LaGrange,etc.

Leadership Development Programs for city, county and state governments and agencies throughout Georgia

Leadership Programs for Chambers of Commerce throughout Georgia (300+ over 20 years)

Novo Nordisk




Robins Air Force Base

Fort Benning

Fort Stewart


Southeastern Regional Credit Union School 1980 to present annually

Parks & Recreation Executive Development Program - annually for 25 years

Univ. of Georgia...

Art Dept, School of Environmental Design, Social Work Dept., College of Education, Philosophy, Anthropology, Business School

Georgia Insti of Tech.

Georgia State Univ

Emory University

Kennesaw Univ.

Ringling School of Art

Eastern Oklahoma State

Univ of Oklahoma

Northwood University - Alden B. Dow Creativity Conference 98, 99, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07

CPSI 1978 to 2008

ACA - American Creativity Association 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 06, 07, 2008 (Singapore)

CREA - Creativity Europe Assn - Italy 2003, 04, 05

DIKI - Danish Initiative for Kreativity & Innovation 2001, 2003, 2005

Taiwan Creativity Assn

ACRE - African Creativity Conference 1998 to present annually

Creativity in the Classroom - South Africa 2004 & 2006, 2007, 2008

2 Japanese Creativity Organizations 2003

Korean Creativity - Daegu

Seoul Management University

World Knowledge Forum 2003 - Seoul, Korea

Austrian Creativity Assn 2003

Mind Camp 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Innovation Convergence 1997

New Zealand Professional Speakers Assn - Christchurch

Australian National Speakers Asson - Brisbane

Professional Speakers Assn in Paris 2001

National Speakers Assn - several conferences & workshops

NSA Chapter meetings: Georgia, Alabama, New Orleans



"Cre8ng People, Places & Possibilities©"

"BROKEN CRAYONS: Drawing Outside the Lines©"




.Training for Creative Thinking.

generating new, different, novel, unusual ideas that lead to productive, successful solutions





"Every human being is born with the capacities to be highly creative throughout their lives."

Over time ALL cultures tend to squelch, even KILL, our natural creativity or the related creative thinking skills that ALL children exercise DAILY from infants learning to walk to simply playing alone or with friends."

One of Alan's greatest teachers, Dr. E. Paul Torrance (often called the "Father of Creativity" or "Creativity Man") studied what he discovered and called the "4th Grade Slump" in classrooms where much to most of the natural creativity in children is quieted down simply through the normal approaches to teaching. In his research over 50 years and Alan and the other CP3 Colleagues' studies and work over the last 30 years we and many others have discovered that natural creativity can be recharged, redeveloped, reawakened and further developed throughout our lives at work and at home.

Each of the CP3 Colleagues has been teaching and coaching people about their creative GIFTS they were born with and many they can learn and develop throughout their lives; the importance of ATTITUDE when we need to think creatively; and many PROCESSES, TECHNIQUES, & TOOLS that we can use to increase our creativity at any time in any aspect of our lives; plus many STRATEGIES we can use to S.P.R.E.A.D. creative thinking (Support, Promote, Recognize/Reward, Encourage, Apply and Develop).

For several years we have been doing...

  • keynote speeches,

  • breakout sessions,

  • workshops,

  • training programs and

  • college courses on Cre8ng, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

  • coaching/counseling/mentoring

for people from the "front doors to the top floors of companies" and agencies and in classrooms from elementary school to graduate programs in the US and many countries around the globe.

This portion of the website contains

  1. titles and descriptions of speeches,

  2. workshops

  3. training programs

  4. plus access to many sets of material on this site and thruout the www.

to help you to begin expanding and enriching your creative thinking skills.


.Training for Creative Thinking.

generating new, different, novel, unusual ideas that lead to productive, successful solutions


Begin to learn to be more Creative NOW!

Do you want to become more creative?

Do you want to learn how to be more creative?

Do you want to lessen, stop, eliminate creative blocks in your life?

Do you want to learn how to develop the creativity of your people?

Do you feel frustrated by not being as creative as you believe you can be?

Do you want to learn how to run highly creative and successful meetings?

Do you need more creative and innovative ideas in your professional and/or personal life?

Do you want to learn how to be a more successful leader and bring out more creativity in your people?


Creativity Resources for You


52 Ways to Improve Your Creative Thinking - weekly exercises for developing Creative Thinking Skills

Blogs - Developing Cre8ng Communities

Blogs - Create With Alan

Broken Crayons
Cre8ng Challenges - weekly exercises Articles Books
Global Creativity Resources IFCO Cre8ng Process  


Then my coaching, speeches, workshops and training programs are for you.

Then the coaching, speeches, workshops and training programs

that my many "CP3 colleagues" offer from around the globe are for you

no matter where you are located in the world.

This set of pages contains...

Creative Thinking & Solution Generating Program Descriptions,        
(see program outlines and descriptions listed)  



Create & Celebrate Every Day!!!

Every day of our lives we can choose to create and to celebrate.

This idea and activity packed program provides many tools for how to create in all aspects of your life each day. Also will provide you many ways you can celebrate being alive from when you first wake up in the morning until you fall asleep that night. The creative and celebrated life is the successful one.




We have thousands of thoughts. We need to generate hundreds of ideas. In the end it is solutions we truly need. This session will teach you a dozen ways to generate hundreds of ideas and not just a few dozen thoughts in your meetings. Then once you have the ideas you need a system to turn them into solutions.

For more program titles and descriptions continue reading...




General Introduction

All human beings in all cultures are born with the capacity to be highly creative.

Yet at the same time all cultures tend to squelch individual creative thinking

This paradox is what I have being dealing with all my life personally as a student, employee, citizen and have been dealing with professionally since 1976 when I first read some of the work of creativity movement researchers: E. Paul Torrance,  Ph.D., Morris I. Stein, Ph.D., J. P. Guilford, Ph.D., Calvin Taylor, Ph.D., Sidney J. Parnes (CEF & CPSI) and popular creativity writers: Roger von Oech (Whack on the Side of the Head), Edward de Bono (NewTHINK, CoRT System, Lateral Thinking) and Rollo May (The Courage to Create) and many others since.

Since 1976 I have been leading workshops, leading training programs, giving keynote addresses and coaching people one on one about their creative thinking, creative problem solving and creative leading.  In each of the 3100+ sessions I have done we begin with the truth that all people are creative but most have quieted down those skills and have forgotten how to use them.  Then I introduce them to 32 basic human creative thinking traits I discovered in my early research as a doctoral student in the late 1970s and then add the 20 that my teacher, mentor and long-time friend, E. Paul Torrance measured through his series of creative thinking tests, Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking.  From there we venture into the area of how to develop Cre8ng environments (work environments that S.P.R.E.A.D creativeness and creative thinking throughout entire workplaces through leaders and all others...







The purpose of this portion of the CP3 website is to introduce you to basic creative thinking and creative thinking tool training that Cre8ng People, Places and Possibilities designs and plans for clients such as you

so that you can begin top generate more and more


   Creative ideas 

iTunes Music Store  Sea Leather  Luminex Glowing Fabric  High-Tech Sunglasses  Children's Shoes

BeoLab 5 Speakers  Digital Guitar Snorkel FM Radio  Nasal-Mist Flu Shot  Seasonale  Cialis  Human Genome Gene Chi Infrared Fever Screening System  The No-Contact Jacket CD-ROM Shredder Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Generator Camera Phones Water Purifier Robo-Lobster Robotic Cat Animatronic Dinosaur Sony Qrio Intelligent Ovens Power Suit Amphibious Car-Boat  Toyota's Prius, a Hybrid Car  Hydrogen-Powered Scooter Ice Bike Remote-Controlled Golf Caddy Napali Kayak Skyray Airbow Kite MAC Powersphere The New Black Invisible Technology Glowing Fiksh


The following workshops have been designed and presented for many years to help various clients develop their creative thinking skills and to learn many creative thinking tools and techniques.






The greatest human gift is our natural creativeness. There is no limit to the number of ideas we can produce. Yet people lose much of their natural ability or it is put asleep each day by many different blocks to creativity and creativeness

Are you creative? YES!


Creative Thinking & Cre8ng Solution Generating Programs





"Cre8ng People, Places & Possibilities©"

This program focuses on teaching people many tools for Supporting, Promoting, Recognizing, Encouraging, Applying & Developing Creativeness and Creative Thinking in ALL workplaces from the front or back doors to the top floor.

  • Logical, rational tools
  • Highly divergent, exploratory tools
  • Fun team/group highly interactive tools
  • Systematic, sequential tools

"BROKEN CRAYONS: Drawing Outside the Lines©"

  • Learning to accept your creativeness.
  • Learning to see everyone else as creative.
  • Recognizing blocks and barriers to you being creative.
  • Adding skills to expanding and enriching your creative thinking skills.
  • Exploring ways to lead others to higher levels of creativeness and creative thinking.


  • How to be creative on demand, whether it is 8:17 in the morning or 11:23 at night.
  • Tricks, Tools and Techniques for sparking creative thinking and generating 1,000's of ideas for any challenge.



Turning any department or company into a Solution Focus Team

Most of the time when we ask other people for ideas they may share 2 or 3.  Often when we are asked with give 2 or 3 to maybe 6.  In the workplace we need 1000s to 10s of thousands of ideas to choose from to solve many small to giant problems. With training and practice we all can generate 100s to 1000s of ideas.  This session is designed to help people get past basic CREATIVE G.A.P.S.  that stop most of us from being creative to learning a mixture of creative thinking tools, techniques, systems, models to how to create their own to suit the situations they are in, along with understanding the principles and values of CREATIVE THINKING STYLES.


Here are more places on the website where you can begin to learn more and more on your own.

Generate More Creative Ideas & Solutions

Improve your team's, your company's creative thinking & solution generating skills

Creative Thinking & Solution Generating Program Descriptions,        
(see program outlines and descriptions listed)     


Cre8ng Challenges     500+ daily tools & exercises for developing your creative thinking skills    

Articles  50+ articles about leading, communicating, team and creative thinking

 C.r.e.8.n.g.   6 Step Creative Solution Generating Process

Cre8ng - Blog Create with Alan   articles developing your creative thinking at work

Current Presentations (PDF and PPT)   sample presentations PPT & PDF





Connections to MORE Creativity Resources

1.  Use Cre8ng Challenges

     500+ daily tools & exercises for developing your creative thinking skills    

2.  Read creative thinking Articles 

     50+ articles about leading, communicating, team and creative thinking

3.  Read BROKEN CRAYONS  Books

4.  Visit the Quantum Leaps section  links to creativity websites from around the globe

5.  Listen to 10 min presentation on Creative Leading  Audios/Videos

6.  Download & review Workshops, Programs and Presentations

7.  Study and learn C.r.E.8.N.G.  6 Step Creative Solution Generating Process

     Creative Potential Solutions Generating Model

8.  Cre8ng - Blog Create with Alan   articles developing your creative thinking at work

9.  Current Presentations (PDF and PPT)   sample presentations PPT & PDF


Creative Potential Solutions Generating Model.


Collect challenges - reap info - Examine challenges - ide8 for ideas - Narrow down - Generate a plan


Daily practice and application will increase your creative thinking skills.