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Head Shed
Creative stimulation for your life, work, research, and recreation.

Heads Up!
Inventions, discoveries, innovations, events, and new ideas from every kind of human endeavor from every corner of the earth to stimulate you creative work.


The Center for Creative Emergence Newsletter

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New & Improved®, LLC. --


InnovationWeek or the Innovation Weblog, please send an e-mail to Chuck Frey at


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Creativity at Work Newsletter

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"Linda Naiman"


'Weekly BITS' issue 25 - Nigel Collin Creative

"Nigel Collin"


Russ Schoen Thinking Tips

"Russ Schoen" <>

News from Russ Schoen/Mindgarden Innovation

"Russ Schoen"


Project Renaissance - The Stream - October 2007

"The Stream" <>



"Tim Hurson" <>


School of Thinking -

December 8, 2008 The Necker Cube and Human Perception

A monthly newsletter from Australia

"Michael Hewitt-Gleeson" <>



Miscellaneous Ezines


The Phrase A Week

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