2011 Mindcamp “Story”

This webpage contains links for

Photos and videos taken throughout 2011 Mindcamp at Cedar Glen YMCA camp


SLIDESHARE…..complete slides show


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Plus the PPT from my

Stories and Storytelling: Tools of Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Because the ppt contains many photos I have broken it into 3 sections to make it easier to download

2011-mindcamp story session 2 A

2011-mindcamp story session 2 B

2011-mindcamp story session 2 C

Here are the slides with my working notes

2011-mindcamp story session notes 1

2011-mindcamp story session notes 2

2011-mindcamp story session notes 3

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stories storytelling bibliogrpahy

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My plan was to do the following:

I. prepare a voice over version/podcast/webinar of the session minus the time spent on exercises. (not completed)

II. prepare a written script version, notes page version with my basic comments in text. COMPLETED 9-12-11

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Photos from 2011 Mindcamp—

you can see samples of photos on my Facebook page at



Movie of Presenter/Campers mindcamp presenters/campers

Over the next week or two I am organizing, editing the various photos and videos I took during 2011 Mindcamp into albums for each of the sessions I was able to photograph plus some of those I was unable to capture that have been supplied by other wonderful Mindcampers.

Please return to this page later for links to my SmugMug account and my Mac.com Gallery where you will be able to visually enjoy 2011 Mindcamp to re-enjoy your time there or to get a sense of what 2011 Mindcamp was like.

Best wishes,

Wandering Alan