Creative Thinking

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Increasing Creative Thinking

Every workplace: office, shop, plant, store…needs to ideas from their front and rear doors to their top floors.

Everyone can learn how to 1) increase the number of ideas they generate on the job, 2) multiply the variety of ideas,  3) increase the originality of their ideas through learning creative thinking tools and techniques and how to expand their personal creativeness.

As supervisors, team leaders, managers, department heads we can S.P.R.E.A.D creative thinking throughout our teams, departments and organizations.

S – Support

P – Promotion

R – Recognize/Reward

E – Encourage/Education

A – Apply

D – Development

When people freely and openly generate ideas and know that they are supported, encouraged, rewarded for their ideas:

productivity increases, morale improves, absenteeism and tardiness go down, more problems are solved.

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