Michael Podolinsky

Dear Alan,

Just a quick note to say how much your presentation at APSS meant to me and to our association of speakers.

You have been and ARE Mr. Creativity.

Alan, you do not just talk about creativity, you teach it (creatively) and empower us to BECOME creative. You

are a master ‘potter’ at work and we are the clay. You posses the ability to mold us, shape us and meld us into

new, more creative beings.

I look at my own business now through new eyes and see where I can apply the principles and ideas to my

business AND to my participants. Your information on how the brain works is essential for anyone wanting to

develop and influence their people to perform at a higher level.

This is the second time I’ve experienced your programme and I can only say you get better and better with time.

Thank you again Alan and God bless you.

With great appreciation and admiration,

Michael A. Podolinsky CSP


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Testimonial Letter from Podolinsky