Sjra Putts

Sjra Putts says…..

“Robert ” Alan” Black was the first person I spoke to on my first CPSI (Creative Problem Solving Institute) event in Buffalo USA in 2004. Alan was one of the three trainers in the Tools and Techniques program. My impressions of Alan by that time where the calmness he exposed. You would say ” so what” but digging deeper into Alan you discover behind this being cool calm and collectedness a magical world of creativity. Not only a master in designing dazzlingly beautiful flip-chart papers that rest forever in your mind but also the inexhaustible source of techniques he has in his backpack, gives you the insurance that you will get the job done when Alan leads your program. Alan plays with people in a very professional way to get them playing. He pushes you to borders of creativity that you never ever had thought of before. A personal opinion on Alan of which I think he is a very beautiful human being is about the way he’s always willing to help people that need help all around the world by using his broad network. And that his network is worldwide we can seen from his lovely travel reports. Alan has worked and still works with companies all around the world and I know that all of them where grateful for the help he offered. So don’t consider the option of hiring Alan as a keynote speaker, trainer or creativity facilitator. Do as he does: get the job done!!!”