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Once again I attempted to use various Social Media and Internet media to conduct a survey of Creativity, Creative Thinking, Creativeness Development. Shown on this page are the two survey questions as sent out plus colored pie charts of the responses, showing the rankings of the responses by popularity of choice plus some observations I feel can be drawn from this basic study.

Excel chart including all responses survey 2 data with notes

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My first essay type answer survey drew too few responses to analyze. So far the

responses to this checklist and fill in the blank version has generated far more

respones on LinkedIn alone. Please help.


The second survey generated just under 100 responses.

If you are interested in becoming involved still…send your responses back to me directly at

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Creativity & Creative Thinking in Your Life Survey


Two basic questions.


1) How are you currently increasing or strengthening your creativeness, creative thinking skills, creative problem solving skills?


a. reading books

b. reading articles

c. reading blogs

d. watching webinars

e. listening to podcasts

f. watching youtube or other videos

g. watching Slideshare slide shows or others

h. attending workshops

i. designing and giving workshops

j. interviewing highly creative individuals

k. hanging out with creative friends

l. doing creative things

m. doing things creatively

n. writing articles or books about these topics

o. other


2) What are some things you are doing creatively or creative things you are doing?


a. drawing

b. designing

c.  building models

d. sculpting

e. painting

f. ceramics

g. crafts

h. printwork

i. writing stories

j. writing novels

k. writing articles

l. giving workshops

m. giving speeches

n. inventing

o. solving problems

p. gardening

q. traveling

r. glasswork

s. researching

t. u. v. w….   others


My goal was to discover from a mix of people who are contacts, followers, friends on various social media what they consciously are doing to strengthen and expand their: creativeness, creativity, creative thinking skills, abilities to be creative on demand.

I received responses from just under 100 people from a potential of over 5000.

I received just under 2% return. I was striving towards 10% to unrealistically 50% or more.

In the past using the internet I have achievement much higher returns with even smaller numbers of messages.  One reason of course is that everyone does not read every message they receive through Social Media.  Another is that not everyone is interested. Still is another many people don’t respond immediately and tend to put off responding or simply forget to.

In any case, I greatly appreciate the nearly 100 responses I have received.

Once I relearn how to successfully use SurveyMonkey I will try again.

The following are colorful EXCEL charts of the responses to the two questions with some possible interpretations for them.

The first question was aimed at things people do deliberately to improve their creativeness, creativity and creative thinking skills.

The chart of the responses I received indicate that reading books or articles is the leading approache followed by doing creative things, doing things creatively and hanging out with creative friends.  The lowest was watching slideshare ppt presentations on the internet.

Among the listed methods the responses indicate a wide mix of methods: printed, electronic, personal hands-on.


The second question asked about creative activities that the responders participated in outside of work and school.


Solving problems, giving workshops, giving speeches, writing articles, traveling  were mentioned most, while the least included ceramics, glasswork, sculpture.

Once again no specific form of creative activity stood out over the rest yet a tendency among those who responded were focused on speaking and writing.  Another observation is that there were a wide range of chosen activities.

My feedback is that the people who responded, whether fully conscious or not,  do things that will improve their creativity, creativeness and creative thinking skills.

Also, whether a few or many, the respondents also do like to do creative things for fun and relaxation.

This was testing for a few things.
How effective might the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, groups and other social media or internet group communication techniques be in doing simply surveys?

unfortunately this 2nd attempt proved that they are not.

Do people consciously or deliberately do things to improve their creativeness, creativity, creative thinking abilities?

The results indicate a strong, varied yes.
Do people do things to exercise, use, apply creativity, creativeness and creative thinking?

The responses indicated yes from a few to many.

Excel chart including all responses survey 2 data with notes

Thank you if you were one of the just under 100 people who responded.

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Backstory about my 3 attempts to do this survey in 2011.

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Backstory and background of my attempts at doing internet, social media surveys and as Paul Harvey said for 50 or more years…

HERE IS THE REST OF THE STORY (if you are interested)

3 different times in 2011 I attempted sending out a survey.

Once as a set of 4 or 5 open-ended questions that would require sentences and paragraphs to answer.

Once as a set of a couple questions with lists of possible responses to pick from (checklists).

and the third time the general questions above.

I sent all three out through Facebook, Linked, Twitter, groups and other social media I use.  It went out to a few thousand different people.

Returns were less than 40 the first time, almost 100 the second time, and over 50 the third time.

Not very good returns.

The survey was sent out in 3 formats to see if the format would make a difference in the total number of responses.

The survey was sent out 3 times to see if that increased the total number of people who responded plus to see potential value of using social media.

1200 LinkedIn contacts 40 to 100 respones?

1280 Twitter followers almost zero respones

about 1000 Facebook “Friends” less than 30 responses.

Oh well.

When I have used survery monkey or constant contact a couple years ago sending them directly to colleagues and friends I received about 30 responses ranging from bare minimum responses to a few that were very complete.  Those surveys had to do with….

1. what creative thinking tools and models are you teaching2. how long after your training or workshops are done do the clients continue using what you trained them in or taught them?
and a couple other questions.

most answers were very minimal.only a handful actually provided any real info.

I have attempted to acquire answers to such questions while at creativity conferences with long-time creatiity friends or colleagues and rarely can keep them on subject.

Unfortunately too many of the people (I think) I know and have developed a personal or professional friendship with ever seem to want to talk about their work outside of a workshop they are doing to help promote more work with potential clients.

When I was an architect and as a professional speaker the respective professional associations: AIA and NSA were great ways/places to learn about our mutual professional work.

Creativity consultants “like herding cats” pretty much do not share unless they are paid for it.

Oh well!

Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP, DLA
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