How Are You Creative Survey?

Once again I am attempting to use various Social Media and Interneet media to

conduct a survey of

Creativity, Creative Thinking, Creativeness Development Survey


My first essay type answer survey drew too few responses to analyze. So far the

responses to this checklist and fill in the blank version has generated far more

respones on LinkedIn alone. Please help.


Send responses using the response form below or to me directly at


Creativity & Creative Thinking in Your Life Survey


Two basic questions.


1) How are you currently deliberately, consciously or unconsciously increasing or strengthening your creativeness, creative thinking skills, creative problem solving skills through doing the following activities?


a. reading books about c/ct/cps skills development

b. reading articles about c/ct/cps skills development

c. reading blogs about c/ct/cps skills development

d. watching webinars about c/ct/cps skills development

e. listening to podcasts about c/ct/cps skills development

f. watching youtube or other videos about c/ct/cps skills development

g. watching Slideshare slide shows or others about c/ct/cps skills development

h. attending workshops about c/ct/cps skills development

i. designing and giving workshops about c/ct/cps skills development

j. interviewing highly creative individuals

k. hanging out with creative friends

l. doing creative things (provide some examples)

m. doing things creatively

n. writing articles or books about these topics

o. other


2) What are some things you are doing creatively or creative things you are doing?


a. drawing

b. designing

c.  building models

d. sculpting

e. painting

f. ceramics

g. crafts

h. printwork

i. writing stories

j. writing novels

k. writing articles

l. giving workshops

m. giving speeches

n. inventing

o. solving problems

p. gardening

q. traveling

r. glasswork

s. researching

t. u. v. w….   others

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