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Cre8v Thoughts newsletter

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Broken Crayons ....Books ...Co-Authored            

I am a Searcher more than I am a Researcher. I continually look for fresh concepts, ideas, lessons, learnings, experiences and then attempt to link them to my work and my help clients, audiences and myself grow. 


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Developing Cre8ng Communities

Create with Alan

Alan's Travel Lessons for Life


New articles

                "Learning to Learn" Materials

                     interview by Terry Brock, CPS and 5 support files on Learning Styles

               Articles about my work

                     newsletter, ezines, newspaper articles

                Life is a Creative Journey, Not a Guided Tour

                      articles and book drafts based upon on 62 years of traveling.

                 Breaking Creativity Blocks

                 Creatology 1979 article  

Istvan Magyari-Beck (Hungarian Creativity researcher)


Here are links to many of my articles

1) Cre8ng as a Way of Life (a list of articles from my newsletter)

2) Life is a Creatve Journey, Not a Guided Tour...

    articles that integrate lessons I have learned from travel in 49 states

    and 73 countries around the globe to success in the workplace:

    business, industrial, governmental, educational.


Articles from Cre8ng Newsletter

You may reprint any these if you will contact me

and include my name and contact information with the article.


5 Creativity Awareness Criteria (PDF)

5 Creativity Awareness Criteria discovered in a Chemical magazine...attitude, behavior, skills, structures, environment and how they relate to creative thinking throughout entire workplaces.

Commodity Conformer or Creative  (PDF)

Will you be successful becoming a commodity, a conformer or or known as creative?

Your Books Can Do Many Things for You (PDF)

Many ways for using your books to promote and support your professional work and volunteer missions.

File of Articles from Newsletter

  • Broken Crayons
  • general article about the principles behind generating instant and deliberate creative thinking.
  • 32 Traits of Creative People
  • A study of 400+ traits of highly creative people written about and studied by 150+ researches yielded 32 traits that all people possess and can develop.
  • Workplace's Greatest Resouce
  • The greatest resource in ALL workplaces is the untapped, underused, unsupported creativeness, creativity and creative thinking of ALL the employees from the front door to the executive floor.
  • Zap Out of the Blue
  • Many ideas come to us ZAP Out of the Blue.  How can you increase those ZAPS when you need them?
  • Little Things Can Stop Creativity
  • Often it is the little things like a gnat bite versus an elephant bite that stop our creativity from happen.  How can we eliminate these little things?
  • Being Serious Won't Make You Silly,Yet Being Silly Can Help You Be More Serious
  • Logical thinking, systematic thinking, group thinking can all lead to workable and sometimes highly creative solutions.  I have found that being Silly first can lead to richer and more creative results.
  • G.N.A.T.S of Creativity instead of 'BLOCKS' of creativity
  • Using the acronym of G.N.A.T.S. representing various things that can BLOCK our creativity this article provides ways to deal and eliminate them.
  • Your Creative G.A.P.
  • 3 Primary Myths STOP most people from being the creative thinking people they were born to be by the 4th grade or at least the 10th grade.
  • Aunt Polly's Fence
  • Lessons from Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer sparked the creative thinking tool described in this article.
  • Be a Maverick. But I Ain't No Maverick, Don't Want to Be, and Besides I Would Lose My Job If I Was.
  • Learning to release or rekindle the MAVERICK that can be hiding within you can help expand and enrich your creativity.
  • Out-of-Box, In-the-Box, New-Box, Other-Box, No-Box Thinking
  • Out of the Box thinking is only one of many we can use to produce creativity.
  • "But we can't allow 25 different answers to the same question in our classrooms!"
  • All teachers can teach, coach, counsel creativity in ALL of their students in any classroom through any topic.
  • Metaphor--A Creative Tool Not An English Headache
  • Metaphor is a very powerful creativity tool.  Learn more ways to use it to spark your creativeness and creative thinking when you need to.
  • Our environments can greatly effect our creative abilities or not.
  • Imitations or Greatest Source of Limitations
  • Removing one letter in a word can produce great inspiration and power.
  • Do You Want to Know If You're Creative?
  • Test yourself.  Measure yourself.  Discover if you are creative.
  • Laws of Creativity
  • 12 Laws of Creativity that we all can live presented first to an audience of Russian scientists and professors of science.
  • C.r .e.8.n.g. and Creative Thinking Throughout Organizations, Businesses and Schools
  • Artilce explains the principles behind my concepts for how to develop a creative community in any and all workplaces.
  • NO MONEY, NO RESOURCES or NO SUPPORT Can Stop Creative Projects
  • "If I only had some money?"  "If I only worked somewhere else?" and countless only myths stop us from being the ceative thinkers we can be.
  • Dealing With a Blank Wall
  • Creative Block, White Page, Blank Wall, Empty Mind, whatever you call it if of these can be turned into deliberate producers of creativity on demand.
  • Developing Creativity Throughout Organizations
  • Too often the focus on creativity and innovation is only found in a few departments or areas of organizations.  All organizations can continually grow by turning their organizations into Cre8ng Communities and not just creating insolated houses where innovation and creativity can happen.
  • Creative Thinking Completely Throughout Our Workplaces
  • Revisiting the approach to producing a Cre8ng Community throughout an entire organization.
  • Creativity Exercises (PDF)
  • A collection of creativity exercises that you can use to spark creativity deliberately whenever you need more of it.
  • Have Balloons, Crayons and Hoola-Hoops! Let's Meet!
  • Beginning book on how to improve creativity in meetings from before they begin until after everyone has left the room.
  • Developing Creativity Around the World
  • 8 trips around the World, exploring 50 countries provides many examples of how creativity is being supported, promoted, recognized/rewarded, encouraged, applied and developed in small to medium businesses to large organizations.


  • World Travel and Work Related Articles (PDFs)

    Articles about life and business lessons from my traveling in 49 US states and completely around the world to 73+ countries

  • Travel 01-On the Fly
  • Travel 02-Speaking in Languages
  • Travel 03-Plan, Plan, Plan
  • Travel 04-New Beginnings
  • Travel 05-Midnight Arrival-Ethics in Use
  • Travel 06-Friends Lead to Clients
  • Travel 07-Creativity is Everywhere
  • Travel 08-A Cultural Mindset or A Way of Life
  • Travel 09-Excellence: A New Way of Life
  • Travel 10-Living a Balanced Life

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