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Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP, DLA
creative thinking – creativity – creative problem solving – creative thinking consultant – creativity consultant – creative thinking speaker


My Writings – Creativity, Leading & Lessons from Life

The following are samples of articles from newspapers, magazines, trade journals, academic journals, blogs, websites, webinars & podcasts (see separate page in menu), guest interviews.

Since 1976 I has had over 600 articles published in magazines, journals, newspapers, newsletters, ezines, blogs.  His articles focus on Creative Thinking & Problem Solving, Productive Leading, Effective Communicating and Successful Teaming & Teamwork.

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Broken Crayons ….Books …Co-Authored

I am a Searcher more than I am a Researcher. I continually look for fresh concepts, ideas, lessons, learnings, experiences and then attempt to link them to my work and my life…to help clients, audiences and myself grow.


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Developing Cre8ng Communities

Create with Alan

Alan’s Travel Lessons for Life


Newest Articles

“Learning to Learn” Materials

interview by Terry Brock, CPS and 5 support files on Learning Styles

Articles about my work

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newsletter, ezines, newspaper articles

Life is a Creative Journey, Not a Guided Tour

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Articles and Book drafts based upon on 62 years of traveling.

Breaking Creativity Blocks


Here are links to many of my travel articles and drafts of future books

Life is a Creatve Journey, Not a Guided Tour…

articles that integrate lessons I have learned from travel in 49 states and 73 countries around the globe to success in the workplace: business, industrial, governmental, educational.


Articles from Cre8ng Newsletter

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Creativity Awareness Criteria (PDF) link temporarily broken

Creativity Awareness Criteria discovered in a Chemical magazine…attitude, behavior, skills, structures, environment and how they relate to S.P.R.E.A.D.ng creative thinking throughout entire workplaces.

Commodity Conformer or Creative (PDF)  link temporarily broken

Will you be successful becoming a commodity, a conformer or or known as creative?

Your Books Can Do Many Things for You (PDF)  link temporarily broken
Many ways for using your books to promote and support your professional work and volunteer missions.

File of Articles from Newsletter