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January 9th Webinar

Creative Thinking Tools webinar  Thursday Jan 9th, 2014

Creative Thinking TOOLS webinar thurs books  Thursday Jan 9th, 2014

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Involving 40 to 40,000 People (ppt program)

All of the consultants involved with Cre8ng People, Places & Possibilties are highly trained in many creative thinking tools and problem solving processes.  Whether as individual facilitators or teams of facilitators CP3 consultants lead idea generating and problem solving meetings/sessions with your people.

The majority of this page lists, describes many of the Creative Thinking Tools & Processes CP3 consultants are highly skilled in.

The purpose of creative thinking is to think in new, unique, novel, unusual, divergent ways to generate possible to potential ideas that may lead to successful solutions or resolutions of problems and challenges.

Creative thinking tools have been developed for many years from deliberately to spontaneously or accidentally to help people think more creatively on demand, individually, pairs, triads, teams, groups, even when they are experiencing CREATIVE BLOCK or people within the group are deliberately resisting creative thinking.

Since 1978 when I attended my first Creative Problem Solving Institute (sponsored by the Creative Education Foundation)

I have been collecting and creating creative thinking tools from simple jump starters to complete mind changes and mood changers.

They can be used individually, in pairs, triads, small to large teams to large groups and I believe even in large stadiums filled with 80 to 150,000 people or through electronic means with everyone on the face of the earth.

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a sample weblink for some creative thinking tools is

For Links to many excellent websites devoted to Creative Thinking Tools scan to the bottom of this page.

Human Variables

Also I have learned to believe that there is significance in matching as many variables that are comprised within each individual’s way of working and thinking.

Additional factors that affect/effect an individual or group Creative Style

(a tool for designing Tools & Techniques)

There are many factors that can impact our thinking at any given time.  The more people involved the more the potential for impact of many variables upon the progress and results.

How are we unique, different, diverse, novel…. Begin with these few variables and create a complete alphabet of variables from a to z.  You do not need to limit yourself to only one variable per letter.

Variables to Consider When Designing a Training or Idea Session


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I first used the concept of using “Super Heroes” to help change perspective of problems or generate ideas when I attended a session done by Steve Grossman, who was an engineer in the paper industry then in 1978 or 1979.

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Then I created similar TOOLS using Famous People, Infamous People, Movie Stars, Cartoon characters, Fictional Characters, occupations, professions.

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The key behind each of these tools is to THINK like other people

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Here is a list of SUPER HEROES you can find on the www to choose from. Click on the link and read the file or download it to read.

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Typically I have people

a. choose 6 to 12 of their favoriest from any of these lists

b. randomly choose letters of the alphabet and then pick the names, charactes, occupations that spelled starting with those letters, one at a time.

You might even modify the TOOL by creating VIRTUAL TEAMS of 5 of them and imagine you were in the room watching and listening to them discuss your problem and brainstorming (ideating, idea generating).

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Steve Allen: comedian, television host, musician, music writer, author…had a television show where he would have actors portray a small mix of famous people and have the actors discuss issues and argue with each other.

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Creative Thinking Tools and Techniques workshop.

Photo Albums (several), Action and Flip Chart Photos

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2004 T&T Winterfest - PPT

2004-cpsi50-first list of tools lists of tools generated by T&T Leader Team

balloonsbook-shorter book generated by participants in various T&T courses




sample Power Point Presentations


Ice Breakers for any size group


Come  back often.  The contents of this website will grow and grow for a long time.



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