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Most recent news story from CNN

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This is an image from a 28 minute video of me telling a REAL & RAW short version of my 4+ week story

I gave this presentation during the recent NSA-Georgia Chapter Holiday Gathering at Dan Thurmon, CSP’s office to a group of 30+ members and spouses.

Here is the video interview that was done by the Athens Banner-Herald that lasts about 7 minutes.

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Here is the 2 to 3 minute news spot from WSB-TV 2 January 15th.


a 27 minute presentation I made to several of the members of the Georgia Chapter of the National Speakers Association in December at their Holidays party.


working title

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Athens Banner-Herald interview

Athens Banner-Herald article & video

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I try writing some every day or at least work on the overall project of writing the book, creating speeches based upon my 4+ weeks in jail/prison, or simply trying to begin and live my life now that I am FREE again.  Many lessons.  Much pain. Dealing with the stages of grief following my release and return to living with me in control of most of my life now again.

(beginning to write stories from memory from the 4+ Weeks Behind Bars…scan to the bottom of this page)
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He Was Called Ka Si 2nd draft-2 – second draft

Do you ever get scared when you travel – first draft

21 day challenge that last 29 days – rough draft

Longest Day in My Life – Leaving the reception building  – rough draft

One of my now totally understood friends, that I did not realize I truly have had for a few days to months to years to decades said to me…

“You have had and are continuing to have the experience that almost NO ONE ever experiences during their lifetimes while they are still alive.”

People are directly, openly sharing with you…

how much they love you

how much you have helped them

how much you have impacted their lives and the lives of their friends and family members.

The spider web of connections that made that happen is truly amazing including my son, daughter, various members of the FAB Team of 9, to an interpreter from my appointment in the prosecutor’s office to friends in the UK, the US to my client who I was suppose to work with in Putrajaya and Penang, Malaysia and didn’t show up to so many others who were included directly, parallel or tangentially to the simultaneous search when I didn’t show up for the meeting that we had planned in Dubai the afternoon of October 21st.

Instead I was sitting in an office at the secure facility that I was accused of having photographed and didn’t.

A week later the various searches began to produce results involving emails crossing oceans and from all six continents it seems.

Talk about feeling loved and appreciated during your lifetime.

This continues to be EXTREMELY OVERWHELMING every day.

November 20th 2014





















On October 21st I went on my Walk #129 near my hotel to wander and photograph.

I took one photo too many and was arrested that morning
ended up in a jail at 3 am the next morning
served a week in the jail with no contact with the outside world
of any kind or type.

Then I was moved to a Prison and stayed there for 3+ weeks
until the efforts of my FAB team – FREE ALAN BLACK, hundreds of volunteers who prayed, encouraged others to pray, set up prayer circles, wrote thousands of emails, Facebook messages, made hundreds to thousands of calls trying to find people who could help me be released and brought home, 3300+ people signed a petition that was sent to leaders in the country where I was being held and around the US and numerous radio, tv, newspaper, online reporters shared my story trying to help and followed up with stories about my eventual release on November 18th.

Also 164 people donated money in various amounts from a few dollars, of $27 in collected loose change from colleagues and staff to $1000 individual donations for my legal support fund.  Part of it was used to provide full transportation from outside the prison gates to an airport to Atlanta via a direct flight on Delta to a limo service that took me a variety of place from the Atlanta Airport to my daughter’s home to see her and hug after months of being apart to my doctor’s office to pick up medicines and to Wal-Mart to order a 90 day supply of my various blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and Type II Diabetes medicines that I taken twice a day every day and have since January 2005.

Since Wednesday last week, November 19th I have been slowly reading thru

2500 gmail and basic Facebook messages, single and ranging to 150 side messages on various threads created by people responding to individual messages to messages left by the 3723+ petitioners, messages left on the VIRTUAL VISITATION SITE TO THE PRISON and so many other ways people have reached out to help and to WELCOME ME HOME.

I certainly am not HOME ALONE any more.

who have said so many wonderful things to and about me.

This site is intended to share the various stories as I remember and write them down from my memory.

alan metamorphus


Here is a file of the wonderful statements by many of the 3300+ petition signers supporting why I should be released and allowed to travel home

petition-signer-comments  775 individual messages from petitioners in support of my release and return home.

Here is a series of the collected notes from my Facebook page and the wonderful Facebook page that KathySue Dorey created to help me.

You can find the contents of her Facebook page by clicking on this link.

(1) Free Dr. Robert Alan Black total
was an active Facebook page set up by Kathysue Dorey to help me to be released.



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How I dealt with periods of LONELINESS while in jail or prison.

Loneliness turned out not to be a problem for long in either the Jail or the Prison. The other prisoners soon became friends, whether they could speak much English or any at all.

They were supportive

They could not understand why I was there and why I was not gone soon.

Nor could I for many of their SUPPOSED crimes.

It became tough sometimes when those who spoke English would just hang out with their fellow Egyptians or other nationalities and only spoke Arabic.

But I gradually learned to did with those periods

and would often tease them, especially 7 or my Cell 16 roommates the last week or so by saying

“My sub-title machine is not working any more.”

they would smile and laugh
then speak a little English
to share what they were talking about.

One time I listened for about an hour to some of my cell 16 mates who were telling stories, laughing, having a great time speaking only in Arabic just because it was fun to watch and hear their laughter.

It reminded of several similar occasions with friends from different countries: Neethling clan, some friends in Singapore, Malaysia, Italy and one time with you Harry when you and I visited some of your friends in Athens, Greece the time I stayed with you and Athena in your apartment(s) there.

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