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“Cre8v Leading” demo & Learning Styles Interview

12 min speech (click on PLAY button if it doesn’t open immediately or sticks)

Alan Black
Creative Leading – Video (coming soon)
Creative Leading Audio- Demo
Learning Style Interview-Audio

2. Hear an interview on “LEARNING STYLES” done by Terry Brock, CPS, with Alan

Audio Interview click here


Listen to this interview to learn more about your learning style(s).

Audio tape of interview by Terry Brock, CSP of me, Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP done August 16th.

Creative Education Foundation Awards

Colleague (5 yrs) 1991),

Leadership Service & Commitment (15 yrs) 2001

DLA – Distinguished Leader Award (June 27, 2006)

2010 Recipient of the American Creativity Association’s

Dave Tanner Champions of Creativity Award

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