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Yes ALL human beings are born with capacities to THINK CREATIVELY.

Creative Thinking – my working definition is the generation or discovery of new unusual, unique, novel, even sometimes weird or strange ideas that can or may lead to solutions.

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Unfortunately cultures, school systems and workplaces, even families or friends tend to resist CREATIVE THINKING.  

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4th Grade Slump

Often by the 4th grade or earlier around the world generally most children CONFORM to CONSISTENT and EXPECTED IDEAS and INFORMATION that their teachers tell them are CORRECT in order to pass tests.  Only a small percentage will DARE to think creatively.

You can learn to think Creatively.

You can learn to think Creatively more and more throughout your life.

It has been my mission for over 40 years to help people to learn to think creatively.

One way is to strengthen traits often found in highly creative people, what I have been calling since 1980 the TRAITS of CRAYON BREAKERS – 32 to 52 traits that can be learned and increased, I believe indefinitely.  Visit this webpage and choose one per week to practice and increase


52 Traits

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Creative Thinking Skills, Traits, Tools & Techniques

S.T.A.M.P.S. of Creative Thinking.

Processes and

are various ways you can generate or discover creative ideas and turn them into solutions.

Read this chapter to begin to learn some STAMPS you can use at work, school or home to generate or discover creative ideas and solve problems creatively.




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Are you creative?
Do others call you creative?
Do you wish you were more creative?

How are you creative?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, then my book:

Broken Crayons will teach you how to become more creative through the analogy of broken crayons.It serves as a reminder through the entire book that to become more creative, you need to do things differently; do things out-of-the-ordinary; and break existing barriers or remove current limitations, real, implied or imaginary.I wrote Broken Crayons in a conversational tone, as if I was speaking directly to you. It is meant to be read, contemplated, challenged, and re-read. You are to form your own thoughts, which in turn strengthen your creativity.

The book was meant to be yours! Write notes in the margin, highlight passages, and form your own thoughts about the material.

To read a chapter or two or the entire book in PDF format scan down this page and click on the chapters you want to download.

Are you a crayon breaker?

Do you need daily reminders of how to be a better CRAYON BREAKER?

Then download and post the following posters in your creative thinking space.


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US Edition
South African Ed Aug. 06

Broken Crayons:

Break Your Crayons and Draw Outside the Lines

“In Broken Crayons,Alan reveals the magic of

Breaking Your Crayons and
Drawing Outside the Lines

in freeing us to be our true selves and more truly creative. Try it- it works!

E. Paul Torrance, Ph.D.
Georgia Studies of Creative Behavior, Athens GA

Some topics covered in Broken Crayons include:

  • what creativity is?
  • how to use creativity in groups?
  • what some typical “blocks” or “killers” of natural creativity are…
  • how to define your creative thinking style?
  • how to be creative on demand?
  • how to get others to be creative through simple tips
  • how the use of individual and team creativeness is used in the workplace?
  • how to be creative in a committee setting?

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Here are some sample Chapters from Broken Crayons


Introduction (not published in the original book)
B-Chapter 1: The Potential Hidden Within the Paper Wrapper
R-Chapter 2:Un-Wrapped Pieces in Action
O-Chapter 3: Creative-Leaders.pdf Crayon Breakers = Creative Leaders / Creative Leaders Break Crayons

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Break Your Crayons and Draw Outside the Lines

BROKEN CRAYONS book in pdf files

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