I began my professional speaking, training, consulting in 1976 part-time.

In 1984 I went full-time and began serving as a trainer for hire through several institutes and associations

UGA – Institute for Business
UGA – Institute of Government
UGA – J W Fanning Leadership Institute
UGA – Continuing Education Center
AMA – American Management Association

In 1988 I joined the GSA – Georgia Speakers Association now NSA-Georgia Chapter 

In 1989 I joined the NSA – National Speakers Assn 

Then when Warren Evans formed the Global Speaker Federation I joined that as well

From 1980 to 1997 I traveled throughout Georgia and parts of the surrounding states by car for these various organizations and other private clients and associations and flew around the US, parts of Canada and Mexico doing workshops, training programs and keynote speeches.

In 1998 I began concentrating on traveling and working around the globe and continue to now on all 6 continents to present at Creativity Conferences and to work with clients directly.

this page provides you as a Meeting Planner access to many testimonials from my 3800+ presentations since 1976.

You can access various sets of testimonials on these pages on my website



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