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Creative Thinking * Leading * Communicating * Teaming

Here are many samples of workshop handouts and workbooks that have been successfully used with clients and at conferences in 35+ of the 50 US states and 30+ of the 210+ countries around the world since 1976.  They are in pdf format for you to download at your convenience.  Additional "stand-alone" versions are also available with presenter/trainer notes, bibliographies and other support material to help you present your own workshops using these.               alan@cre8ng ........

Here are downloadable materials from some of my most popular workshops and presentations in PDF or PPT format.  They are posted here for you to review and use. 

For more information about any of them contact your bureau or planning agency directly.

Cre8ng (Creative Thinking & Innovation)

Don't Just Sit There! Be Creative!!! Creative Thinking (PDF, 262k) Being Creative Right Now When You Need to Be (PDF, 329k)

Leadership (Coordinating)

Coordinating - leading with a little 'l'  

Teamwork (Collaborating) and Communication

Collaborating - We're Goin' Up What Hill? To Do What?

Communicating -Is What They Believe They Heard What I Think I Meant to Say?

Workshop Resources (exercises)

Wild, Whacky, Weird and Off-the-Wall Ways to Spark Creativity Have Balloons, Hoola Hoops, Let's Meet
Ice Breakers, Exercises & Creative Thinking Games From Silly to Serious to Success (PDF, 388k)


To See...

Additional New Presentations

Link to materials placed on my site for short periods of time for use and access by participants in my most recent programs.  They change from time to time.


updated August 9, 2008

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